Individual Micro entrepreneur Loan


The individual microentrepreneur loan Bradesco pursues entrepreneurship in Brazil, which is growing and is one of the most important sectors for the country’s economy. So when banks and financiers provide a loan line for these professionals, they are also contributing positively to the growth of the business.


How Microentrepreneur Loans 


How Microentrepreneur Loans Bradesco Works


However, it is up to the loan applicant to use the requested loan wisely. In Brazil, several banking institutions offer this service. Before choosing one, it is good to know the conditions and form of payment. And Bradesco, which is considered the most profitable private bank in Brazil in recent years, also has this activity.

Bradesco has a line called Oriented Productive Microcredit. What does it consist of? This is a loan option aimed at those professionals who have their own business, whether you formalized or not and you need a grant for your establishment.

The individual microentrepreneur loan Bradesco has different rates and terms, and with the amount released you can buy machinery and equipment, use money as working capital, remodel or buy raw materials. It is worth mentioning that you should really use the value for your business and if you find it necessary!

For micro-credit oriented, should fit those professionals that have a turnover of up to R $ 120 thousand per year. Regardless of the productive activity that the microentrepreneur exercises can request this type of loan. Regarding the values, Bradesco does not disclose on its website, and so makes the following message very clear. What is set by the bank:

” Bradesco does not disclose on its website information regarding the minimum value and maximum value of the microcredit, interest rate charged and term for payment of the debt. So it’s best if you go directly to a bank branch to get this information.’


How to apply for the individual microentrepreneur loan?


How to apply for the individual microentrepreneur loan?


The most indicated is to go to a Bradesco agency and apply for the loan. You can also send an e-mail to the following address: e-mail [email protected] and ask for the bank to contact you. After you have requested, you will receive a visit from the Credit Agent. Soon this professional will provide a personalized service to identify the needs of the business.

Once he has done an analysis of your business and really knowing your financial situation, he will be able to determine how much money the bank can lend you. To have the credit approved, it is better to have the bills paid on time, this greatly facilitates the request. But if it does not, it will not be the impediment. That way, the best tip is to always talk to the manager or manager and expose the situation.

As soon as you finish paying the loan, you can hire a new microcredit. To contact another option is to call SAC 0800 at Alô Bradesco, 0800 704 8383 . By telephone you can clarify all your questions before hiring your microentrepreneur loan.

And if you want to open a checking account with Bradesco you should bring the following documents:

  • CPF and RG of the company representatives;
  • Proof of residence for current or previous month;
  • Power of attorney if the account needs to be handled by attorneys;
  • Proof of Company’s Constitution (declaration of Individual Commercial Registry, Social Contract, Company Statute and CNPJ).


Advantages of the individual microentrepreneur loan 


Advantages of the individual microentrepreneur loan Bradesco

Those who work in this area recommend the loan application in Bradesco financings. That’s because the services offered by it are of quality . In addition, the bank has a lot of experience in providing solutions for micro and small businesses.

Once you apply for a loan and have the credit released, you will also have other services from the bank. We can highlight: Rotary Flex Flex PJ and Flex Check. CDC – Direct Consumer Credit, Business Credit Card. Anticipation of Receivables and BNDES Card.

Of course the approval of all products will depend on your situation and how good you are a good payer. When the bank trusts you, that is, you make and pay for financial transactions, the bank will release more services, and if you know how to use it can bring you good advantages.

As for the individual microentrepreneur loan Bradesco , only in 2017, the bank reported that it has serviced 170 thousand individual microentrepreneurs with a legal entity account (PJ).

Bradesco currently works with two lines of services to serve different types of business: Bradesco Empresas and Bradesco Corporate. So the distinction between the two lines relates to the company’s billing range. Choose yours and look for the bank.