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Factoring Online – A micro or small entrepreneur finds himself faced with a series of accounts to pay and uses a line of credit in order to restructure his business and his finances. This scenario repeats itself much more often than you can imagine. These entrepreneurs feel they lack easier and fairer access to credit. Rapidoo is a factoring platform (commercial development or commercial development) that anticipates the payment of invoices issued in the long term, avoiding that micro and small entrepreneurs need to resort to traditional loans with very high interest rates.

Factoring is characterized by the purchase and cash payment of the value of a sale carried out over the term. Payment may be total or partial. Factoring can be used to pay back accounts or employees, buy raw materials, get working capital, or organize your company’s cash flow.

Much safer and more profitable, the factoring model is an excellent option for acquiring cheap and flexible business credit line for those who need to invest or for those who are late and need to pay.


Anticipation and Online Factoring for Businesses


Anticipation and Online Factoring for Businesses



In order for you to better understand how factoring works, let’s get a clearer description. It is a financial transaction whereby a company sells credit rights which would, in principle, be paid in installments, as duplicates, to a third party, who buys those rights in cash at a small discount. The company that sells the receivables and receives the cash value, in this case, you are an entrepreneur, and the third party that buys these rights is the factoring platform, in this case Rapidoo .

Highlighting itself as an excellent financing option for micro and small businesses, Rapidoo’s factoring uses its own sales as a form of guarantee, which greatly reduces interest rates compared to other forms of financing.

Anticipating the receipt of your sales made on time is very easy and safe with Rapidoo . In the next few paragraphs, you will understand better how the whole process works.


  • Step 1 – The company that needs credit opens its online account, totally free, and accesses the Rapidoo platform to discount duplicates.
  • Step 2 – Next, the company sends its invoices and then verifies how much the platform can pay for each of them.
  • Step 3 – After the analysis, if the company agrees with the amount offered, Rapidoo will deposit in your account the amount corresponding to the duplicates with the appropriate discounts.


Key Benefits of Rapidoo Online Factoring

Key Benefits of Rapidoo Online Factoring


One of the biggest advantages of Rapidoo’s online factoring is that credit can be granted even when the company has some fiscal pending (the famous “dirty name”). This does not happen on traditional factoring platforms.

Here are 4 excellent reasons to anticipate receipt of your invoices through Rapidoo :

Speed – Technology facilitates and streamlines various processes. Factoring is no different. At Rapidoo , the agility of the processes is guaranteed and you no longer have to wait weeks to know if your credit request will be answered.

Less bureaucracy – Waiting queues, complex documentation, credit denied. Who never faced this? With a fully online system, Rapidoo frees you from these bureaucratic issues and provides the convenience you need.

Lower Interest Rates – Single rate, no interest compound that become abusive over time. This is how the platform excels in the factoring market and makes your credit application much more possible.

Guaranteed security – Through an online system with advanced encryption, the security of your business data is guaranteed at Rapidoo .


Is Factoring Loan or Financing?

Is Factoring Loan or Financing?


No. Factoring is not loan or financing.

The factoring operation is characterized as commercial development or commercial development and, as the name implies, the objective is to foster and advise micro and small enterprises in the field of finance through the payment in cash of duplicates of invoices that would be paid in the long term.


What are the fees charged on Rapidoo?



Rapidoo works with a base rate. The amount of this fee is determined after an analysis of each title sent to the system. At this rate, all costs and taxes of the operation are already included, making the process totally transparent and friendly.

To know the base rate for your company, it is necessary to make a free registration and send the invoices for analysis.

What are the requirements to request prepayment of invoices for Rapidoo? To request the advance payment of your invoices that would be paid in installments, you only need to have a CNPJ, issue NF-e of sales of products to other companies and have headquarters in the state of São Paulo.

How long does it take to receive the money?

The platform does not disclose the payment deadline for new customers, but ensures payment is made within 2 hours for anyone who is already a Rapidoo customer.


Rapidoo Online Factoring Simulator


Rapidoo Online Factoring Simulator



To find out if it is worth to bet on Rapidoo factoring , you can do a simulation online. To do this, go to this page and follow the instructions.

You will need to submit one of your invoices in an .xml file and wait for platform analysis. If it is interesting, just make your registration and receive the money in your account, without bureaucracy, with ease, speed and security.