100% Online Platforms for Business and Individuals Credit


The 100% online platforms for credit for companies and individuals have definitely flooded the web with alternatives of the most varied possible to reach all type of client in search of loans, financing and working capital. No matter the condition, credit score or financial history, anyone searching for personal credit will surely find on the online platforms one that will fit perfectly to your profile.

The mission of these online credit companies is to favor the user who likes the internet to do their thing, and by being constantly online, nothing better than using it as a springboard to offer credit and financing with low cost and facilitated through applications which run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week analyzing and releasing credit using virtual intelligence and advanced analytics.

100% online loan and loan


100% online loan and loan


The credit market has been transformed by these consumer direct credit (CDC) platforms as well as collective loans such as the “Peer-to-Peer Lending” that moves the lending market to companies at relatively cheaper rates than traditional banks.

And for those who want to invest, the platforms are interested in credit and allow investors to lend themselves money to companies and people who take credit with an unparalleled opportunity both for those who are using the credit and for those who just want to make money with this new mode of online investment .

The platforms offer credit with the best interest rates in the market, facing the big banks and financial institutions that have always shaped the credit system in Brazil . Undoubtedly it is a new alternative without equal for an audience that has the name denied and for those who have good credit and need money.

It is worth remembering that even if you have good credit and score or rating above 700, you still can not get good interest credit opportunity that you can boast about. Who does not currently suffer from high charges on overdraft, low limit and high interest on credit card and stratospheric rates of the usual financial system, the one we were accustomed to.

How to Hire Personal Credit Online


 How to Hire Personal Credit Online


The format for contracting online personal credit is also new, the difference is due to the speed, agility and transparency in operations, once the customer registers by registering, informing his data and passing through a validation of a few seconds, to the be approved, the client receives the loan offer with all the information necessary for his understanding.

In the applications of the online credit platforms, interest rates are not hidden, extra fees and costs not included, if there are costs at the time of the simulation these data are informed so there are no regrets later.

The online credit platform explains explicitly what are the extra costs, interest and taxes that affect the amount requested in the loan proposal.

In order to have direct access to the loan offerings, simply access the various credit company websites spread across the web, in general all of them have online loan simulators that calculate the amount and term you would like to pay, and if interest increases, form, send the data, make the loan application and if approved signs the contract online “.

100% online sites, platforms and credit companies


 100% online sites, platforms and credit companies


You can access this comparison site and see the dose of the largest personal credit platforms here and learn more about them. Currently, Brazilians can count on companies for 100% online credit and personal loans such as:

and various loan marketplaces (p2p lending), which connect borrowers and investors directly by eliminating the figure of banks such as Biva, the largest supplier of loans to peer-to-peer companies, following Biva, to Nexoos that is changing its face of the credit in the country capital investors crisis. Besides the bigger platforms we have others like: Tutubrasil, BizCapital, BancaClub, Kavod Lending among others.

In addition to the already known fintechs of personal loans that are changing the way to get credit in Brazil, it is possible that you have already accessed the website of

  • Just Online
  • Simplic
  • Credits
  • Legendary
  • MoneyMan among others

But if you are in search of fast and cheap credit, you should seek the services of a fintechs loan platform from peer to peer or crowdfunding.