Artist Nick Relph Turns New York’s Development Boom Into Digital Art ‘Scans’ | New



Relph at work doing one of his scans. Image via @ preechopress / Instagram

Relph’s collection could be described as the first post-Internet expression of its kind. The images mostly show buildings that are, in a sense, real or in the process of becoming so. But the render posters, created by design firms and developers, are also highly fictional cinematic trademark documents created to comply with a city law requiring public images of buildings under construction.– The New York Times

The bow loafer Nick Relph has documented the city’s lightning-quick transformation since the Gulliani administration and, over the past seven years, has incorporated a VuPoint digital scanner into his work to produce a physical record of the changes that debuted in 2015 in MoMA. PS1. Greater New York investigation.

Relph’s new book, titled Eclipse Body and Soul Syntax, was released this month by publisher Pre-Echo.

“It was really about having the scanner with me in my bag when I walked around,” said Relph, 42. TimesRandy Kennedy. “I’m a walker. That’s how I do the job, in general. I just couldn’t ignore these posters, these very harsh pictures. I pay attention to the pictures. And the purpose of those. -It is in a clearly defined sense and in another not at all. “

Image courtesy of Pre-Echo Press



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