Benny Landa provides an update on Landa digital printing

In 2012, Landa Digital Printing (LDP) made headlines by showcasing its nanographic printing systems at drupa. These were high-tech digital presses, equipped with advanced touch screens and a new Nanoink.

It took several years, but Landa Digital has completed beta testing and now has 12 presses in production worldwide. Benny Landa, president of Landa Digital Printing, made a name for himself with his Indigo printing system, which he sold to HP, and he sees his nanographic presses as the future of printing.

“The feeling will never be the same again,” Landa said during her Sept. 16 virtual press briefing.

Joined by Landa Digital CEO Arik Gordon and business planner Nick Clements, Landa participated in a roundtable on September 17 to update the industry on the status of Landa presses. Currently, 12 Landa presses are in operation worldwide and LDP has three factories producing presses and inks.

“We have three factories in total: two systems factories and a consumables factory,” Landa said during a virtual tour of its facilities. “Today we have facilities in Asia, North America, Central America and Europe. In our two system factories, we have a total of about 15 bays, intended for the manufacture of the machines. »

“We are working here at full capacity, five days a week, two shifts a day,” added Naama Konor-Gal, system plant manager.

Besides the S10 and S10P folding box presses, Landa talked about the W10 flexible packaging press.

“We announced the W10 press but haven’t started shipping yet,” he reported. “They produce spectacular results. There is a very clear market need for digital packaging. It’s one of the most demanding, demanding high quality and printing on a huge range of materials including film, foil and board and of course digital white is a must. It was a huge job of integrating all of these capabilities. We plan to have our first W10 beta site in 2021.”

Landa also talked about the consumables factory, where Nanoink is produced.

“What’s special about the factory is not just the degree of automation and the sophistication of the technology, but of course the ink itself, as it is the nano-pigmented ink responsible for so many many advantages of nanographics, like the huge wide color gamut we have, the complete absence of image scatter, the sharpness of the images, and the ability to bond on a huge range of substrates without any type of primer or pre-treatment,” Landa observed.

Landa and Gordon said COVID-19 had a major impact on LDP, but the company is bouncing back well.

“It is clear that no country, no company, no industry has been untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic, but it has been different from sector to sector,” Landa noted. “Commercial printing has been affected, but in packaging, particularly food and pharmaceuticals, there seems to be a boost for our packaging customers, who are seeing increased demand for printed products. just in time.

“All signs indicate that commercial printing will rebound, he added. “The world will not return to the old normal. The new normal will be much more digital, with more online shopping and more home deliveries, with an increased need for fast turnaround times and flexible manufacturing.

“COVID-19 has had a major impact on Landa in the short term as we have teams doing installation and support,” Gordon said. “This period lasted for several months, but around August the travel restrictions were relaxed. We had to learn to support our customers remotely. This has made our teams more independent. We’ve seen huge print dips, but this month we hope to top our pre-corona levels. »

Landa said that LDP is definitely exhibiting at drupa 2020.

“I love drupa,” he added. “It’s the only show in which LDP has participated. Over the last 25 years of my career, the customer consistently says they fell in love with the technology when they saw it at drupa. Yes, we certainly plan to participate in the next drupa, if we believe it is safe for our employees and visitors. The postponement of drupa had a positive side, as it forced us to organize events online. This means that communication and trade shows will never be the same again. »

There is plenty of room for Landa to grow. Gordon pointed out that only 3% of printing is done digitally.

“Landa has everything we need to develop this,” he added. “There are slots for tens of thousands of digital presses. There is great diversity in what is printed – boxes, magazines, print runs from 1 to 10 to some print runs over 10,000. What is common to our customers are mostly people who see the value in seeing the industry change and want to be at the forefront of that change.

Landa spoke about the evolution of the printing industry.

“Most of my time I’ve been proselytizing why customers and brand owners need digital printing, and the most amazing thing is that the world seems to have turned upside down, and our customers say why they need digital printing and why they need it now,” Landa said. “This transformation is surprising to me. There is a new awareness of the power of mass customization. I think one of the triggers was the personalized Coca-Cola bottles with names. This had a profound effect on the marketing managers of most major brands. It’s an entirely new thing for me to be so desired.

“I started Landa Digital Printing to focus on consumer printing,” Landa added. “To meet the needs of the consumer markets, you need high speeds, sizes, longer runs with optimal quality and offset savings. So we invented nanography, and printing will never be the same again. same.”


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