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It was an unexpected but positively surprising day for Caldwell Arts Academy student Yamilet Reyes, who sold a digital artwork for $ 200 at the opening Thursday afternoon of the new digital art lab at the school.

Parents, teachers, students and representatives from Group M7 Design, a local marketing company, gathered for the dedication and saw Reyes be surprised when someone asked him to buy his work.

“I was very surprised and shocked. It was one of my favorite pieces and she saw it and liked the colors and I guess she really liked it. She said she really liked the colors and it would look good in her office, that she was going to hang it in her office, ”Reyes said.

Reyes said selling her artwork unexpectedly showed her that if she could do it, she could do more in the future and with better content. While not sure what her dream career is, she does know that she wants to do something with photography, which she is learning through the digital art lab.

She spent a week perfecting her work, which she called her kaleidoscope project.

“I took a picture of a leaf and really increased the saturation, so there was a lot of green and brown. I put it together where it looked like a photo, ”Reyes said.

When the buyer handed her the $ 200, the artistic seventh grader’s jaw dropped as she gasped with excitement and gratitude.

Caldwell Arts Academy’s partnership with the M7 Design Group was established in August and provided $ 60,000 to provide the digital art lab with 24 virtual desktops, 24 drawing tablets, and the school’s own server for store every creative digital piece that students produce each year.

The partnership between the firm and the school allows students to participate in master classes with designers and developers from the M7 Design Group to create innovative projects.

Caldwell Arts Academy Director Bobby Markle said the potential of students shines on campus as they learn and develop digital art skills including photography, graphic design and experience with a variety of Adobe products.

Markle said last year that students were experiencing computer outages due to the amount of storage and energy required by desktop programs and digital file storage.

“When I was told it was going to cost us $ 45,000, I didn’t know what to do. Being at Caldwell and being here for quite a long time, we’ve built a reputation that I think people want to invest in because they can see the results, so finding a company like M7 was a good fit, ”said Markle.

Markle said M7 Group will soon see the added value to the business with graphic designers, web editors and professionals that the industry needs.

Moving forward, Markle said the hope for future academic years is app, being in front of professionals, such as master’s classes, and more apps.

“Their works of art are something to be valued. This is really the vision, these children see that their art is not only unique. The sky is the limit, ”said Markle.

It is not uncommon for a student to sell his work at the request of a buyer. When the transaction is done, the school administrators are present to facilitate as the student is a child, but Markle said that the intellectual property is the right of the students.

Markle said it’s something that helps the student learn the business side of their work, copyright laws to protect them, negotiations, and the value of their time and labor.

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