COTC’s James Jarc takes a winding path to digital media


NEWARK – Like so many others, he thought he was taking one path and ended up taking another.

“As a child,” recalls James Jarc, “I always liked creative things. I loved art and music and making up games with my neighborhood friends. I’ve wanted to be a paleontologist for a while. Like many little boys, I was passionate about dinosaurs. Then I decided I wanted to be a musician! For a short while, I thought about a career in film or television. Both of my parents were educators, so I found this to be a great and rewarding career path, but I wanted to be different. “

“My older brother was in fine art,” he continued, “and I got to watch him work with brand new digital technologies in the 90s, and I thought that was really interesting. . I started working with some of these same technologies in high school, and loved what we could do with the software. When I got to college, I had the opportunity to do some work. design for concerts and special events on campus, and I’m really in love with the process – and the opportunities it has given me! I’ve met a lot of bands, comedians, actors and others .

“When I graduated from college,” he added, “I got a job as an account representative in an advertising agency. I stayed there for 2 years, then I decided to venture out on my own as a freelance. From there I built a small communications agency which eventually brought me to Columbus. We provided communications and business services to clients across the country for almost 15 years The business started to change, and I had the opportunity to teach part time at COTC and absolutely fell in love!

Today, Jarc is an Assistant Professor, Digital Media Design Technology and Faculty Member, Teaching and Learning Center at Central Ohio Technical College.

“I love working with students and helping them develop new skills,” he said.

Now 40, Jarc grew up in Bay Village, a suburb of Cleveland. He graduated from St. Ignatius in Cleveland in 2000, received his undergraduate degree in Communication and Advertising from Loyola University in New Orleans, an MA in Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga University, and a PhD (Ed .D.) From Creighton University. He taught part-time in several schools before joining COTC full-time in 2018.

“I think a brief statement is difficult for James to make just because of his impact on COTC,” said Kris Read, manager of COTC and OSU Newark’s websites and learning management systems. “James continues to amaze me with his willingness to surpass himself and meet the new challenges presented to him. He continues to go above and beyond for the college and its students.

“I love working with students,” Jarc replied, “and helping them develop new skills. I truly believe that what we are doing has the potential to change people’s lives. I saw it! So I try to get people to make their dreams come true, and I do my best to support students when they have challenges in life that might prevent them from succeeding in school.

“I don’t regret the choices I made in my career path,” he concluded. “I find my current role very fulfilling and believe my previous experiences have helped me better serve a diverse group of students and colleagues. “

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