Create stunning digital art projects with these design apps



The modern designer has an endless variety of tools. It can be quite overwhelming, which is why it can be difficult to find a set of well-organized, well-rated, discounted programs.

Fortunately, the Studio Bundle 3: 7-App Art Design Bundle has been created for this purpose. Valued at $ 79, you can pick it up on sale for just $ 39.99 and then for an additional 50% off starting June 4. From a selection of premium media brushes to best-in-class editing tools, this collection of popular apps from Pixarra will bring your digital canvas, latest projects, and portfolio to life.

Some people create websites and some decorate them. If you feel connected to the design, you’ll love Paint Studio 3, one of the best apps in the pack. With it, you can create paintings on natural supports and draw with a simpler and streamlined interface. Scoring 4.5 / 5 stars on Capterra, this TwistedBrush Pro Studio product comes with powerful brush editing features, a 64-bit color painting system, and more!

The Studio Bundle 3: 7-App Art Design Bundle also comes with Blob Studio 3, fantastic software that helps you model and shape your objects while painting them with specialized brushes. With over 200 brushes and supporting various styles, effects and symmetries, the Blob Studio 3 is a hit. Softpedia wrote: “Draw or enhance your image seamlessly using a huge range of specialty blob brushes and an endless color palette with this utility

Typically listed at $ 79, the Studio Bundle 3: 7-App Art Design Bundle has 5 other equally fantastic programs, and it’s on sale for just $ 39.99. Starting June 4, you can pick up this collection of programs for an additional 50% off at just $ 20.00.



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