Creative digital printing brings his passion for printing to life with Canon’s innovative inkjet technology


Creative Digital Printing expands digital fleet to include varioPRINT i series to target book publishing market

March 9, 2021 – There are many crucial elements that go into running a successful business. Some may assume that running a business with continuous growth simply means investing in the latest innovative technologies and finding the right talent to meet your goals and objectives. While that rings true, an important piece of the puzzle that isn’t often found is passion and genuinely loving what you do.

Creative Digital Printing was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada by Jeff Casey in 2005 at a time when his brother, Chris Casey, was working in Cincinnati, Ohio as vice president of sales for a book printing company. Chris and Jeff always had a vision of being business partners and in late 2019 decided to make that a reality. Teaming up with Canon Solutions America in January 2020 was an important step in the process. Expanding their commercial printing business into the book market and providing high quality prints to their clientele meant using their vast expertise and knowledge in bookmaking to deliver a unique and refreshing customer experience. The challenges this dynamic duo was able to overcome while growing their book business only goes to show the depth of their passion and dedication to their craft. Thanks to their new varioPRINT i series, the brothers’ business has thrived even during the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Canon varioPRINT i-series production inkjet press.

“My brother and I started this book business in 2020 after realizing we had something unique to offer among other print shops in the Las Vegas area. We have considerable experience and knowledge, and we have passion. I love books. I eat, sleep and breathe books. I know the small and dynamic intricacies that go into the bookmaking process, and I know the technology that can get the job done. That’s why we knew partnering with Canon Solutions America was the right choice,” said Chris Casey, Vice President of Sales at Creative Digital. “I came into this business with over 24 years of bookmaking experience. Through this experience, we have established a relationship of trust with our clients, who know that when we say we will complete a project by a certain day, we mean it. This trust has brought us a long way so far.

At the onset of the COVID pandemic, printers like Creative Digital quickly realized they could no longer rely on their usual commercial print operations. They were left looking for various alternative growth avenues to keep their business afloat, which meant rapid change. Having just invested in the varioPRINT i series, they quickly tested the limits of the press, explored new applications and tested its capabilities.

“We had just started as a thriving book manufacturing company, confident and excited to serve our customers with high quality books, and just like that, we had to fight to stay open following of the pandemic, stay working and stay relevant. We did what we had to do to survive,” Chris Casey said. “Our store is now totally different from what it was when we opened in 2005. People are starting to realize that we are someone to be noticed. Other sheetfed shops were beginning to take notice of our bookbinding capabilities and began to reach out to take advantage of our services, which strengthened our presence and expertise in bookmaking, especially as we had the only digital inkjet press in the state of Nevada at the time. weather. It exceeded pretty much everything I expected. I was amazed at how flexible and capable this press was. Everything from variable NCR [no carbon required copy paper]menus, brochures, books, catalogs and magazines, this press can do it all.

Quickly making its mark after installing in March 2020, the Creative Digital team hit 20 million impressions the following May. Five months later, reaching 40 million impressions, the team quickly realized the powerful potential of this press and Creative Digital became a name to know in their field.

“The good thing about our i300 is its ability to use glossy paper, and it can handle cover stocks of up to 120 lbs of silk cover,” said Chris Casey. “We used to print all of our covers on the toner press, and we were able to accept jobs that would have gone to a sheet-fed toner printer. In the past, with our toner printers, the turnaround time for these types of jobs was around a few days or more. Now, with our i300, we can support more customers and more print jobs, and deliver faster turnaround times and exceptional quality.

In its search for other areas of revenue growth with the varioPRINT i series, Creative Digital has begun to explore the direct mail and commercial printing sector. The team learned very quickly how much variable data they could put in the press and the benefits of doing so, including opportunities for growth in new markets as well as the ability to streamline work so work is more quickly available and in the hands of customers. .

“Children’s books finally really took off around August 2020, and we started printing 8.5 by 11 inch books ranging from about 24 to 48 pages with ink coverage up to about 70%, in color, at around 1,000 to 3,000 copies at a time. Throughout this summer, we constantly heard from the press. We streamlined our operations and became very efficient in our book manufacturing process,” said said Chris Casey “We attended the thINK Ahead conference and gained quite a bit of knowledge that has helped us in our overall operations.”

Creative Digital continues to be one of the only true bookmakers in the greater Las Vegas area, working day in and day out to deliver the best possible result for its customers. Chris explains, “Our goal is to visit as many sheet-fed service providers as possible to talk to them about being their go-to for their short-run books, ranging from 100 to 2,000 copies. We want to show them that while they can handle some of these shorter-run jobs, seeing the unparalleled quality of prints from our i300 will encourage them to choose us.

“One of our clients, based in Chicago, told us that without our support he would not have been able to complete his books; they would have had to wait months to have their books made. Hearing a customer tell us we saved their business just added more fuel to our fire. That’s why we do what we do.

“We couldn’t be more proud of the strength and determination of our customers during such a turbulent yet transformative time for our industry. We commend the Creative Digital team for taking advantage of every possible avenue of growth,” said Francis A. McMahon, Executive Vice President, Production Print Solutions, Canon Solutions America, Inc. “With our powerful technology and to our expert sales and support staff, we look forward to guiding our customers into the future, supporting them every step of the way. »

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