Danone water bottle campaign delivered in digital printing



Danone now sells 3.2 million bottles of Aqua d’Or water in a single package for the Danish mineral water brand designed to target millennials.

Aqua d’Or’s ‘Flow Your Way’ campaign mineral water bottle labels feature unique designs by Danish artist Emil Kozak expressing nature and individuality, in a collectibles promotion for the Swedish and Danish market created to engage with millennials. Eleven design patterns based on elements of Aqua d’Or’s story were automatically converted into unique designs by the HP Mosaic printing software.

The labels were produced by Folienprint Rako, an All4Labels group company, in two weeks using its HP Indigo 20000 digital press coupled with SmartStream Mosaic and PrintOS printing software.

HP SmartStream Mosaic is an algorithm that automatically generates a large number of unique graphic patterns from seed designs. To create the 3.2 million print-ready PDFs, Folienprint Rako used PrintOS Composer, a cloud-based application using high-performance central servers, for lightning-fast creation of print files from input variable data. in VDP design templates. PrintOS Composer creates compact PDF files for fast processing optimized on HP DFEs, making it up to 50 times faster compared to standard non-cloud tools. The ability to use PrintOS Composer on demand and without hardware installation, simplified and accelerated production at Folienprint Rako.

Line Jorgensen, Brand Manager at Aqua D’Or, explained: “Using HP digital printing, the labels tell the story of Aqua d’Or natural mineral water that flows for 300 years through nature. Danish untouched until purity is achieved, using design elements of drops, waves and sky. Collaboration with HP digital printing and Danish artist Emil Kozak has created these 3.2 million distinctive and creative labels. ‘

Aqua d’Or launched the special edition on August 30 at an event in central Copenhagen, where water bottles were displayed in an art gallery. During a live printing experience for the 200 guests, posters of Emil Kozak’s designs were also printed by Damgaard-Jensen on on-site HP Latex printers and signed by the artist.

Jose Gorbea, owner of the HP EMEA brand, said: “The Aqua d’Or campaign is a perfect example of how brands are using HP digital technology to stand out, while being creative and fun and generating impact. enthusiasm and buzz for the product among new customers. groups, in this case millennials. “Flow Your Way” shows how HP technology can support the creation of multimedia campaigns, ranging from 3.2 million unique labels, to personalized in-store and outdoor advertising, to transforming event spaces with the HP Latex technology. ‘



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