De Tomaso embraces digital design and adds Ash Thorp as digital artist and designer



The artist behind the new Batmobile joins De Tomaso.

De Tomaso has just announced that renowned digital artist Ash Thorp has joined the company as a new digital artist and designer. This hiring is part of De Tomaso’s new digital initiative which they call “The Paradigm Thread”. As part of this initiative, the company will fully embrace digital artists and their skills to create their future “time machines”. Ash Thorp will be in charge of the design of De Tomaso’s digital artwork and ‘time machines’, as well as other exciting digital projects. This is a perfect hire for the position as it is well known in the digital art world for his skills which span many mediums. It has been linked to many feature films, such as Ender’s match, Ghost in the Shell, Total recall, and he even worked to create the new Batmobile in the upcoming The batman movie.

“I come from very humble beginnings and have worked extremely hard for decades to manifest the dreams that I have had since I was a child. Joining an iconic automotive team has always been a wishful thinking, and I am delighted and humbled with gratitude for achieving this reality with De Tomaso. “THE PARADIGM THREAD” honors the brand’s amazing history and its evocative influence on how we approach the future. I have always been in love with the art and science which encompasses the vast world of the automobile. So aligning with De Tomaso is incredibly surreal for me; I am living my dream.

Ash Torp, digital artist and designer – De Tomaso Automobili

Source: De Tomaso



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