Design collaboration highlights the potential of HP Indigo digital printing technology



Packaging designer Silas Amos and graphic artist Emily Forgot have teamed up with HP to produce 2,000 Heineken bottles for the 2017 interpack, using seed patterns and HP SmartStream Mosaic variable design technology to create a sleeve retractable unique for each.

The specially commissioned artwork by Forgot for Heineken Bottles features 10 numbers as well as icons and seed patterns, with a design aesthetic inspired by the animated film Yellow Submarine. These were used by Amos to create the final rounds.

Printed on an HP Indigo WS6800 by Dutch label converter Eshuis, each bottle is also individually numbered with a font specially designed for this project, using HP variable data printing. As a result, each bottle is unique in two ways, as Amos explained: “We wanted to create artistic packaging for Heineken bottles that was striking and different every time. The concept takes full advantage of the ability to make each bottle unique, while being maintained by a simple design system.

“Emily’s design loudly announces the place of each bottle in the limited edition, while emphasizing that the whole is ‘greater than the sum of its parts’. “

The bottles will be served during HP’s Happy Hour at interpack, which will take place daily from 6:00 p.m. at the HP booth in Hall 13. This HP interpack brand campaign also includes digitally printed signage, tables in corrugated cardboard, waiter t-shirts and flexible snack packaging, to create an overall look of what can be achieved with HP technology. Visitors to the HP booth will also see Forgot’s “Print Transformed” designs, incorporating surreal visions of packaging and printing coming to life, applied to everything from nail art to giant vinyl wall decals, all printed on HP. .

HP SmartStream Mosaic and HP Variable Data Printing are part of the HP SmartStream Designer software for HP digital presses and allow you to customize the images, text and colors of any print job. Launched at interpack, the HP Agency and Designer Toolkit also offers open source training materials, while the Brand Managers’ Digital Packaging ROI Calculator is a tool for calculating ROI of any type. HP digital printing packaging, compared to the current costs of conventionally printed packaging.

“Mass personalization is the next frontier for global brands, and our cutting-edge digital technology is the gateway to it,” said François Martin, global marketing director, Graphics Solutions Business, HP. “People like Silas and Emily know it and their skills and talent, ignited by HP digital technology, can reinvent a brand’s competitive advantage. We would like to encourage more designers, artists and brand owners to fully explore how digital printing technology can transform packaging, and I think our two new tools will help them do that. ‘



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