Digital art: a new section curated by Venus Lau for Frieze Viewing Room Los Angeles


Organized by Venus Lau (curator and freelance writer), the section presents five commissions from artists Liu Chuang, Nik Kosmas, Peng Ke, aajiao and Lu Yang, the works will also be available for purchase in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The presentation will reflect recent developments in this field and aims to explore how NFTs could be a useful tool for artists, directly linking their work to the digital space market.

Digital and virtual existence is more than what appears on a screen, it is no longer opposed to reality, it is on the contrary a part or an anamorphosis of reality. Artists aaajiao, Nik Kosmas, Liu Chuang, Lu Yang and Peng Ke rethink the mechanics of digital existence in works featured in the digital section of Frieze Los Angeles 2021‘- Venus Lau, curator of the Digital Art section

Frieze Viewing Room will use OTOY’s pioneering technologies to create NFTs on the RNDR network where job information will be recorded in a blockchain database and verified using RNDR’s authentication technology. The RNDR uses layer 2 technology to reduce carbon emissions.

aaajiao, 009 icon and icon 010, 2019-2020, Silkscreen, herringbone board, metal frame, acrylic paint, installation view. Courtesy of the artist and AIKE

Media artist, blogger, activist and programmer, aaajiao (born 1984 in Xi’an, China) is a Shanghai and Berlin-based artist who rethinks the internet phenomenon through dystopian consciousness and literary minds. The aaajiao commission on Frieze Viewing Room uses shamanic performances and rituals to resist the algorithm. His most recent projects encompass various disciplines (architecture, topography and design) to take the pulse of the young generation consuming cybertechnology and living in social media.

Can Liu Chuang sound like a motto?  (2021) 2k, color, stereo, 19'43
Liu Chuang, Can sound be a currency?, 2021, 2k, color, stereo, 19’43 ”. Courtesy of the artist and Antenna Space. Commissioned by the 13th Shanghai Biennale and Power Station of Art

Liu chuang
For Frieze Viewing Room, artist Liu Chuang (born 1978 in Hubei, China) provides a field recording of the sounds of bitcoin mining sites in China. Chuang’s work traces the social, cultural and economic transformations of contemporary China. Through video, sculpture, found objects and installation, Chuang weaves narratives that link micro and macro, past and present, fiction and reality to reveal how the dramatic yet complex changes in nature, society and technology affects people and their engagement with the world.

Lu Yang
Lu Yang (born in Shanghai, China) combines the aesthetics of manga, anime and game to generate a virtual alter ego that transcends gender and death. Mortality, androgyny, hysteria, existentialism, and spiritual neurology fuel Lu’s jarring and sometimes morbid fantasies. Drawing inspiration and inspiration from the subcultures of anime, games, and sci-fi, Lu explores their fantasies at through computer graphics, immersive video game installations, live performances, virtual reality and computer programming. Lu has collaborated with scientists, psychologists, artists, designers, musicians, robotics labs, and celebrities throughout their practice.

Nik Kosmas Bodyhunter Mandala 3b (2020) metal, pvc, acrylic 180x180x30cm Courtesy of the artist and gallery Temnikova & Kasela
Nik Kosmas, Bodyhunter Mandala 3b, 2020, metal, pvc, acrylic, 180x180x30cm. Courtesy of the artist and Temnikova & Kasela Gallery

Nik Kosmas
Shanghai-based artist Nik Kosmas (born 1985 in Minneapolis, USA), a former member of the post-Internet duo AIDS-3D, moves fluidly between mediums, from sculpture to NFTs to create physical journeys, emotional and spiritual through technology and human experience. His work deviates from science fiction, sports, science, sexuality and psychology.

Peng Ke Dolphins (extinct) (2019-2021) Archival inkjet print, pewter, glass, walnut frame 73 x 91 cm (28 3/4 x 35 7/8 in) Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Vacancy
Peng Ke, Dolphins (extinct), 2019–2021, Archival inkjet print, pewter, glass, walnut frame 73 x 91 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Vacancy

Peng ke
Photography and the urban experience are at the heart of the practice of Peng Ke (born in 1992 in Changsha, China). His work represents the modernization process and the unintended aesthetic of contemporary urban China by focusing on the liminal spaces of the Chinese urban landscape. Using artificial lights, decorative railings, fences and concrete blocks, Peng seeks a sense of order and intimacy in public space where the relationship between subject and object is intertwined.

Viewing room opening hours
Tuesday Preview, July 27, 8 a.m. PST – Invitation only
Preview Wednesday, July 28, 8am PST – Invitation & Frieze Members Only
Thursday July 29, 8 a.m. PST – Sunday August 1 midnight PST – Free access to all


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