Digital Art Contest for Metaverse: The Tribune India


Unraveling the mysteries of the universe we belong to and those beyond, the human mind has strived to create a metaverse that allows one to be in a certain place, at a certain time without having to be there physically. Metaverse offers a whole new era of technology and design to achieve past goals and destinations by weaving limitless imagination. The Global Design University, Sonepat, invites school and college students to participate in Artverse 2022 – a digital art competition for the metaverse and create their own future avatar.

Registration entitles them to a Masterclass by experts in the field of Illustration and Character Design. WUD will also provide all registered participants with certificates of participation.

The contest asks students to create their avatar in the categories of superhero, cyberpunk, fashionista, everyday professional, futuristic army/military soldier, Indian mythology character, performers/musicians/dancers to win prizes in cash of Rs 10,000 for the first position, Rs 5,000 for the second position and Rs 2,000 for the third position.

Students aged 16 to 21 can register to participate in Artverse 2022 by paying a participation fee of Rs. 250 until March 20, 2022 on the official website of WUD using the



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