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For students wishing to take online courses, a note from the Chair of the Art, Media & Design Department, Gene Burleson:

As professors in the Department of Arts, Media and Design, we know that this period of stay at home can be difficult at times. Many students need the traditional classroom instruction that our faculty provides under normal circumstances. Since our current situation has forced us to move all online courses for a while, don’t be afraid to take an online course. Our faculty has been teaching online courses for many years and can help you, orient you, help you with homework questions or any problems you might have, it’s just not face to face. We want to work with you to help move you forward to help you graduate on time with all the knowledge you need to be successful. Go ahead, sign up for the summer semester courses and let us work with you, keep you on track, you will be amazed at how successful you can be in an online course, that is amusing !

The aim of the Digital Design & Graphics program is to prepare students for professional employment in the rapidly growing field of digital design. The program teaches skill sets and problem solving that relate directly to market needs. This allows students to learn how to communicate ideas using any digital medium with clarity of thought and conceptual design.

The key to success in this profession is the development of transversal skills thanks to the convergence of digital media. The convergence of digital media is the cross-integration of several digital disciplines and technologies. Design, photography, web design, audio and video production have become so integrated that soon one name will represent them all.

The Digital Design program will enable students, through individual and collaborative exploration, to learn to communicate effectively, to create innovative visual design concepts, and to develop a balanced set of digital design skills demanded by the industry. today and tomorrow.

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