Digital Design launches the Evolution IV™ 1-inch thermal inkjet printer for marking and coding


“It was the next natural step in Digital Design’s promise to provide our customers with high-quality, cost-effective case coding solutions,” says Ed Gerri, vice president and general manager of digital design. “We used proven technology based on the full Evolution line of printers as the basis for the development of the Evolution IV, and created a significant leap forward in usability and quality.”

The Evolution IV was specifically designed for coding or case marking applications that require taller printing, sharper barcodes and larger graphics. As with the full Evolution product line, the Evolution IV can incorporate multiple printheads controlled from a single controller, extending the solution to meet the needs of most case coding scenarios.

White Castle®, maker of The Original Slider® burgers, uses the Evolution IV to mark the wrappers of their famous patties for grocery and convenience stores. Johnathan HopkinsLead Maintenance Technician at the White Castle plant in Vandalia, Ohio was happy to find a one-inch alternative to the ½” printouts they previously used, and were pleased with the ease of setup and use. “The new Evolution IV one-inch printer is simple to setup and easy to use,” says Hopkins. “The larger characters are easy to read from a distance. My favorite quality is how quickly and easily you can change the print height to suit different products, without changing equipment.”

Evolution products are offered through an extensive network of distributors and value-added resellers. Guy Harmon of Associated Packaging, is an Evolution distributor specializing in packaging equipment and materials. Harmon says he’s very excited to no longer be limited to a half-inch print height or cumbersome assembly of multiple printheads to create a character, barcode or a larger graphic image.

“The Evolution IV’s simplicity, cleanliness and reliability, combined with a higher print height, make it an excellent choice for packaging operations teams looking to streamline their marking and coding processes. says Harmon. “The Evolution IV eliminates costly printhead repairs, messy ink-laden conveyors and unnecessary production line downtime.”

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Digital Design designs and manufactures Evolution™, a world leading brand of small and large character inkjet printing systems used for product identification (primary and secondary packaging coding and on-product marking). Digital Design is part of Matthews Automation Solutions and is a Matthews International company.

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