Discovered becomes one of the largest certified minority-owned digital media distribution companies with the launch of Samsung Tizen


Santa Cruz, Calif. – Discovered Publishing, parent company of, has made a major announcement, positioning it as one of the largest certified minority-owned media distribution companies following its integration into the Samsung Tizen platform. Discovered is a streaming video platform that offers free ad-supported TV (FAST) across four categories: Music, Movies, TV and Games with thousands of hours of content for global audiences. Emerging creators can monetize their video content on Discovered and earn a living from their audience with video ads.

Discovered launched the Discovered app globally in the Tizen Store (Samsung’s Smart TV store) in partnership with Samsung. The Discovered app can easily be found by simply spelling the word Discovered in the Tizen Store on over 100 million Samsung smart TVs manufactured after 2019.

Discovered accesses over 80% of the digital, agency and demand advertising ecosystem. This reach and monetization is enhanced by our technology and distribution, including CTV, iOS App, Android App, desktop and live streaming capabilities. Discovered’s video player is portable to any other website, creating powerful distribution to other publisher websites. This is a unique offer for a minority publishing company.

“The role of the screen has changed dramatically in recent years with advances in technology and the way entertainment is distributed. With our new product line, we are providing customers with a fully immersive video and audio experience that is customizable to their needs,” said Simon Sung, Executive Vice President and Head of Sales and Marketing Team of Visual Display Business at Samsung. “Whether you’re a movie buff, TV lover, gamer, or even passionate about art, Samsung has cutting-edge offerings that can enhance any room.”

Discovered is a globally connected digital platform and social network that generates revenue for filmmakers, musicians, television producers, esports enthusiasts and video content creators. Discovered serves as a hub for people to find, connect, and collaborate with like-minded fans and creators in one destination. The Discovery Platform is free to creators, and its compensation system is supported by global ad revenue, downloads, ticket sales, and merchandising. “Adding this powerful relationship with Samsung to distribute our creators’ content on CTV around the world, there’s no limit to the possibilities,” said Jessica Washington, vice president of artist and content development.

Discovered Publishing continues its mission to provide an equitable distribution alternative, shifting the revenue sharing paradigm to video creators.

Download the Discovered app for Android and iOS available through the App Store and Google Play Store and in the Samsung Tizen Store worldwide.

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