Eastside Distilling, Inc. Acquires Innovative Digital Printing Technology for Craft Canning and Bottling Business


Portland, OR, Feb. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Craft Canning + Bottling, LLC (“Craft Canning”) of Eastside Distilling has obtained a rare and innovative printer that will revolutionize its growing custom canning operation. The new printer, the German-made Hinterkopf D240.2, is the only one of its kind on the West Coast and one of ten worldwide. The new acquisition gives Craft Canning the ability to offer unparalleled customization and flexibility to breweries, cider houses and wineries looking for direct printing for canning projects of all sizes. The new printer will be operational from April 1, 2022.

The Hinterkopf D240.2 is the most advanced digital printing technology for seamless can decoration. Craft Canning customers will have access to the printer’s advanced photo and color quality, improved accuracy and cost-effective solutions. The new printer is also an environmentally friendly alternative to adhesive labels, which make cans non-recyclable.

“Craft Canning’s success is based on helping breweries and beverage producers develop professionally packaged products. Our new printer is the next step in a series of additional services we provide to expand our premium canning to beverage producers of all sizes,” explains bill ander, manager of Eastside Distilling’s can printing business unit. “As we have done with our mobile canning business, being able to offer can printing with low MOQs will make can printing accessible to small producers as well,” continues Anders.

In anticipation of the printer’s arrival in March, bill ander and Michael Stout, east side Engineering and R&D Manager, trained at the Hinterkopf plant in Germany. Craft Canning has also hired a new designer who is dedicated to can printing and optimizing printer technology and functionality.

Benefits of the Hinterkopf D240.2 include excellent print quality and performance, with resolution up to 1200 dpi. It can create photorealistic images with millions of colors and subtle shades. It provides full, even ink coverage of the box, with the finest gradients and shadows, optimal definition of line edges and razor-sharp text.

The printer also optimizes the workflow: it is fully digital, which maximizes production time and offers cost advantages. Selected images are printed directly on the box, and all edits and modifications are done at the push of a button. Changeover time involved in conventional printing processes can be avoided.

The Hinterkopf D240.2 does all of this while improving durability. Direct-to-can printing eliminates wasted ink and cleaning agents. It only inks the final product so there is no misprinting, reducing the production of unusable cans. The low minimum order also translates to zero overstock production, saving an estimated 600 million cans worldwide. While cans with adhesive labels can only be recycled after removing the label, cans produced using this new printing technology are easy to recycle.

The Hinterkopf D240.2 printer will give Eastside Distilling’s Craft Canning the ability to offer unparalleled customization and flexibility to its customers. Craft Canning will print 12 oz or 16 oz cans in any quantity with any image, with a minimum order of 400 cans. This flexibility allows for custom graphics of limited releases, vintages, partnerships, and special events.

For more information on Eastside Distilling’s artisanal canning and bottling, please visit https://craftcanning.com/.

About Craft Canning + Bottling, LLC
Craft Canning + Bottling, LLC was founded in 2012 and has become the West’s leading mobile packaging provider with locations in Oregon, Washington and the range before Colorado. With 100,000 barrels of experience, multiple gold awards, extensive quality control and professional machine operators, we take pride in helping your brewery, winery or cider house grow into professionally packaged products.

About Eastside Distilling, Inc.
Eastside Distilling, Inc. (NASDAQ: EAST) produces premium, award-winning craft spirits in Portland, OR, since 2008. The company is distinguished by its highly decorated product line that includes Azuñia Tequilas®, Burnside Whiskies®, Hue-Hue Coffee Rum® and Portland Potato Vodkas®. All East Coast spirits are made from natural ingredients for quality and taste. east side The Craft Canning + Bottling subsidiary is one of the Northwest’s leading independent ready-to-drink canneries. For more information, visit www.eastsidedistilling.com.

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