Film and Digital Media LA program launched by summer 2023



The Department of Film and Digital Media will launch a study abroad opportunity in Los Angeles. Grace Fortier | Photographer

By Ana Ruiz Brictson | Editor-in-chief

Baylor’s Film and Digital Media Department will launch its new summer program in Los Angeles in 2023.

“It was always the idea to send students there, mainly to focus on internships and what we would call professional development,” Brian Elliott, ssenior lecturer and director of the LA program, said.

Elliott also said that planning for the LA program has been underway for almost 20 years, and it was only now that they had received academic approvals and sufficient funding to throw.

Earlier this semester, the Film and Digital Media Department received a $ 2 million donation from alumnus Matthew B. Lindner, which topped the funding.

“What excites us about the giveaway is that we position it as a way to give students the opportunity to do so at a lower cost” Chris Hansen, professor and president of Film and Digital Media, said. “The donation will actually be used to fund the costs of the program so that students do not have to pay them. “

Elliott and Katy Briscoe, dprogramming director of the LA program, worked together to plan the logistics of making the program available to students.

Part of the experience students can expect in the LA program, according to Elliott, is being able to engage with alumni who are already working in the industry. These alumni can share their experiences and teach current students how people in this field of study survive in the company.

Hansen said there would be internships linked to the LA program. Currently, their team is working with alumni and other partners they have in Los Angeles to be able to provide these opportunities to students.

While there is currently no official application for the program, Elliott said students can expect to answer a series of questions about what they have done, what interests them and what they would like to do. Additionally, they can expect to be asked to include references such as teachers.

“We want to be sensitive to whether a student can do well in a fairly intense environment,” Elliott said. “The stakes are relatively high, and it’s not just a reflection of this student, but it’s a reflection of us as a department and university. We want them to succeed and thrive, not put someone in a situation where they may not yet have the resources to personally handle that situation.

Hansen said the LA program is somewhat modeled on the Baylor in New York program in terms of success as part of its residential program in another high-production city. The biggest difference between the two is that New York is held for a semester while LA would be held for the summer.

According to Elliott and Hansen, the LA program would accept around 10 to 14 students per term, prioritizing seniors and juniors since part of that experience relies on the networking and connections that students can make throughout the term. ‘summer.

Hansen said part of the details that have yet to be finalized relate to the accommodation. They plan to work with apartment buildings or organizations that provide student housing for these types of experiences.



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