From freelancer to successful digital media consultant, Asish Vasa’s journey inspires the community


Digital Media Consultant Asish Vasa started his career as a freelancer and is now a successful digital media consultant.

Asish Vasa is a Web/Graphic Designer and Digital Media Consultant providing a wide range of services to create market impact. He is proficient in brand management and understanding audience interest, and developing marketing communications for organizations.

Her skills include analyzing market trends and customer needs to create effective marketing campaigns for target customers and creatives for different campaigns.

Asish started out as a freelancer and is now a popular digital media consultant. It offers a wide range of services to customers. Graphic and web design, social media management, digital marketing and content creation are some of the services provided by Asish.

Since elementary school, Asish has had a passion for the arts and computers. While in high school, he learned graphic design using the internet. He believes in self-learning and is therefore self-taught. As his interest grew, he gradually learned web design and animations. While studying for his bachelor’s degree in engineering, he began working as a freelance graphic designer.

“My first animation was made with Adobe Flash. The Art of Animation by Bob Thomas is the book I found useful when learning animation. Even when I was just a child, I had always wanted to work for myself. Freelancing helped me achieve this goal. After a while, I started accepting freelance projects. I got maximum projects through referrals,” Asish said on his journey.

When a client asked if he could help with online marketing, Asish was then introduced to digital marketing. After exploring it to the fullest and learning the nuances of digital marketing, he began his journey to become one of the leading figures in the online world as a digital media consultant.

Asish, so far, has already provided services to more than 90 clients.

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About Ash Vasa:

Asish Vasa is a digital media consultant and producer and a web/graphic designer. He is skilled in brand management, understanding audience interests and developing marketing communications for businesses.

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