Giant change campaign by Lidya Group, leader of the digital printing industry



giant change campaign from lidya group, the leader of the digital printing industry

Lidya Group, leader in the digital printing industry, continues to innovate in supporting businesses. Lidya Group, as the only company in its industry to implement financial support, has so far provided financial support of over TL100 million to its customers and continues to increase its support, especially during the epidemic period.

The Lidya Group, providing support and uninterrupted service to its customers and to all stakeholders in the ecosystem during the Covid-19 pandemic, launched the “Change in Digital Printing Machines Campaign” as the essential opportunity of 2021 As part of the campaign, buying old machines from companies, regardless of brand, at their value; instead, it offers state-of-the-art digital printing machines from Xerox, Epson, Efi, Sutec with a payment plan of up to 47 months. In the campaign which will end at the end of June 2021; There are intense demands from all over the country like Istanbul, Izmir, Izmit, Kocaeli, Antalya and Konya. Hundreds of companies who want to replace the old machines that are the source of the technology are almost competing with each other not to miss this opportunity.

Successful first quarter of 2021

Explaining that the first quarter of the year has been successful, Bekir Öz, President of Lidya Group, said:
“Towards the end of 2020, it can be said that the pandemic has created its own economy and investments in this economy are usually made by medium and large-scale investors. As a Lidya group, we finished last year above the market average. When you look at this year, we had a successful first quarter 2021. In short, we anticipate that the investments carried over from previous years will materialize and this year will be a year above expectations. We will have a successful year in 2021 and we are aiming for growth of over 40% ”.

The biggest change in the market has occurred in the perception of “quality”

Providing information on the investment process and developments in the sector, Lidya Group Chairman Bekir Öz said:
“Whatever investment is made, whether it creates economic value, directly or indirectly for the company. kazanIt is made to bring profit and profit. For this reason, the expected return on investment of the machine is that it is durable and consistent in its standards. While making an investment, it should be done to the best of its financial strength. It is important to have the best equipment, the best operating costs and returns, and the best after-sales service. After the investment, the machine must bring new business potential and new jobs, so that the machine can pay for itself and stay ahead of the competition with the variety of products to be differentiated. The Xerox, Epson, Efi and Sutec brands that we represent as a Lidya group are the best brands in their segments globally. The biggest visible change in the market in recent years has been in the perception of “quality”. In summary, companies in our industry and all industries need to have things like a solid financial structure, organizational structure and strong human resources, knowledge and experience in order to ensure continuity. When we assess it in terms of the digital printing sector, Lidya Group is one of the few companies in the geographic area in which we are located, besides being the leader in our country.



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