Godinymayin Presents Photography and Digital Media in New Laneway Gallery | Katherine time


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Tucked into a corner of the Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts and Culture Center, visitors will now find the new Laneway Gallery as a dedicated space for young, emerging artists as well as photography and digital media. Thanks to a 2021 grant from the Northern Territory Government, the newest exhibition space now has professional lighting and is ready to show local visual art. The Laneway Gallery adjoins the larger Lambert Gallery in the center and currently features Healing Country and Community, photographs by Renae Saxby of the historic 2021 gathering of 260 women in Banatjarl as part of the Strong Women for Healthy Country Network. The images provide a close look at an important historical event of our time not far away in Jawoyn Country and involving friends, neighbors and people we know or encounter in our daily lives. “We want the Laneway Gallery to be a place that reveals who we are, explores a sense of place and delves into cultural identity,” said Eric Holowacz, Director of Godinymayin. “We want to challenge photographers and media artists in the Territory to capture our world and 21st century events, and bring something to our cultural installation.” Laneway Gallery is open to that, and maybe that ‘with future exhibitions and photographic collections, we will be able to create new visual archives. of life in our time. “Godinymayin is now accepting proposals and expressions of interest from local photographers, young artists under the age of 25 and emerging creatives who wish to have their work exhibited in the public gallery. With recent funding from the Northern Territory Government , the non-profit organization is also developing a new Youth Photography Corps as an ongoing after-school program to help train and inspire young Katherine in documentary and fine art photography. Along with some of Laneway Gallery’s planned future programming, Holowacz and his team hope to build a historical archive that tells the story of the Katherine region – the people, places, landscapes, wildlife, buildings and natural wonders.” As we emerge from the pandemic and expand our facilities, Godinymayin will find also new ways to develop our role as a cultural center and curator of our important cultural identities,” Holowacz said. “We want ideas, creative energy, collaborations and programming that give us a sense of wonder or a deeper understanding of the world. That’s core to our purpose.” Our reporters work hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content: DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY? : Send letters to the editor or story tips to [email protected]



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