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Create fantastic digital art, edit your podcast or vlog, or do 2D and 3D modeling at GPPL with the launch of our three new creative computers. Creative Computers are designed to let you work on projects using software such as Adobe Creative Cloud, AutoCAD, FL Studio, and CyberLink PowerDirector on dedicated computers with high processing speeds, upgraded video cards and 27 inch monitors. A computer is also a Mac running Adobe Creative Cloud for Mac users. As a result, GPPL can now open Mac documents.

Content of the article

Have you ever wanted to learn how to do photoshop? Photoshop is part of Adobe Creative Cloud, which also includes products like InDesign (layout for print and digital publishing), Premiere Pro (video editing), Dreamweaver (web design), and more. It is one of the definitive products for authoring software on the market, and we are delighted that we can now offer reservations to use it.

Are you a digital artist looking to create comics or animation? We also have Moho Pro, which is great for vector 2D animation, and Clip Studio Paint, a Japanese product for creating comics digitally.

Worried about making digital art with a mouse? It’s good, we thought about it! The library has two Wacom Intuos drawing tablets, one with a paper attachment, which can be removed for the day on your GPPL card. We also have two headsets for people working on sound mixing or video editing projects, one with a closed back and one with an open back depending on your editing needs.

FL Studio Producer Edition is a digital audio workstation for sound mixing and effects processing, includes a number of plug-ins and instrument templates to make your audio file work for you, and is ideal for creating for songs as well as for background audio for videos. If making movies is more your speed, CyberLink PowerDirector offers professional level video editing capabilities.

AutoCAD and SketchUp are modeling software for professionals. AutoCAD is computer aided design software that focuses on 2D and 3D modeling, and we have the Architecture, Engineering and Construction collection. SketchUp does 3D modeling and is particularly useful for architects and interior designers, but can also be used in video game design. To suit this theme, we have also installed a number of open source computer programming software on the computer.

These computers are completely do-it-yourself, relying on the user to learn how to use the software. We have access to online courses through our LyndaLibrary subscription so you can learn more about the software or the projects you are working on.

Creative Computers were made possible by a generous bequest from Willie Janssen to dedicate to technology and innovation in the library.

—Charlotte Anderson, GPPL


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