Hemp-based specialty paper is a breakthrough for digital printing


A German paper maker has developed hemp paper for books and brochures produced on digital printing systems.

The specially designed, uncoated hybrid paper from the former paper company Hahnemühle, Dassel, Germany, was developed exclusively for printing the book “H is for HEMP” by climate impact photographer and storyteller Maren Krings, which will be published in April 2022.

“This is the first paper made from sustainable hemp fibers grown in Europe for environmentally friendly printing products,” said Heidemarie Hinger, Head of Product and Business Development at Hahnemühle.

Closing a buckle

The new hemp paper is produced with pure spring water, which Hahnemühle has used since its inception at the company’s only production site in a nature reserve in Saxony, north-central Germany. The water is injected into the nearby river after passing through a largely closed treatment system that is free of chemical cleaning agents, biocides or preservatives. The energy used for manufacturing comes exclusively from 100% renewable sources.

Hahnemühle Hemp digital printing paper has an inimitable structure resulting from wool felts directly used in the production process, is vegan and acid-free, therefore very resistant to aging. It is available in two weights as cover and inner paper in 280gsm and 80gsm, respectively. The new paper is available in rolls up to 50 inches (127 cm).

The new hemp paper is designed for high speed inkjet, analog offset and other flexible digital printing systems. Hinger said the paper, which was inspired by Krings’ project, meets high standards in rendering text and images.

“Hahnemühle’s hemp paper exceeded my expectations, providing a beautiful tactile and sensory experience and giving the book a fresh and completely new look,” Krings said. “At the same time, it comes full circle in protecting native forests and finding alternative raw materials for papermaking. “

Since 1584

Founded in 1584 as a manufacturer of handmade stationery, Hahnemühle then added fine art paper and, more recently, papers for digital art printing, to complete its stationery portfolio. Hahnemühle is the inventor and world market leader in digital art papers for exclusive photo prints and fine art reproductions. The company has subsidiaries in UK, France, USA, Singapore and China.

Hahnemühle has been supporting regional and international environmental protection projects since 2008 through its “Green Rooster” initiative, which supports reforestation, animal welfare and environmental education programs.

Krings’ book captures contemporary industrial hemp culture through a compilation of photos and stories presented in encyclopedia form, highlighting the potential of industrial hemp to boost economic development while addressing the essential mission of reversing climate change.

Examples of pages from the upcoming book “H est pour le hemp”; Get Updates


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