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Hideo Kojima is not as supportive of a digital future as others, as he has expressed fears about things like media preservation and ownership.

Hideo Kojima is not as supportive of a digital future as other people, as he has expressed concern for things like media preservation. As technology evolves, many large businesses and consumers are looking to a digital future. Things like Netflix have had a huge impact on physical movie sales and rental stores, video games are widely sold digitally, and more. Hideo Kojima is concerned that this may not be a smart future and that he may in fact be somewhat dangerous.

Hideo Kojima is pretty outspoken about his feelings, whether it’s envy of other artwork or entertainment trends. Considering his importance in the industry, he is certainly one of the most knowledgeable people to listen to when it comes to entertainment. Kojima has a great love for all things movies and games, even allowing himself access to renowned directors and actors. That said, he definitely has an interesting insight into the entertainment industry and he has some concerns about the future.

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Hideo Kojima shared a series of tweets expressing fears of media loss due to lack of preservation in a digital future. The prolific game developer has noted that an accident could result in the loss of movies, music and more if left unprotected, saying lack of ownership is problematic. This is a bit remarkable as Hideo Kojima would be working with Xbox on a cloud-based game, which means he would likely use a lot of technology that would be impossible without servers and the internet.

Of course, these are just rumors that may not even be true, but they are from reliable sources. If Kojima is making a game of this nature, it begs the question of how he works to preserve the work. Hideo Kojima is the type to embrace tech, as seen in a lot of his games, but it’s clear that long-term retention of art is still very important to him. The tastes of Christopher Nolan works to preserve the film, it will be interesting to see if Kojima works to do something similar.

The game director has already seen some of his work get lost in time, as Hideo Kojima’s work on the Fox engine will be largely abandoned by Konami. The engine was only used for Metal Gear Solid V, TP, Metal Gear Survive, and the PSE series, Konami will move forward without it and use Unreal Engine 5 in future titles. Whether or not that was part of what triggered these thoughts of Hideo Kojima is not clear.

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