How Four Corner Render Design relates to digital design solutions… know how and what?


Founded by Jateen Rajput and Moin Mansuri, the company offers a plethora of digital design solutions for visual effects for productions, virtual museums, event spaces, virtual sets, virtual events, as well as exhibitions, decoration of malls, retail displays, real estate windows and showrooms. .

As today’s world moves towards a digital landscape, it has become crucial for businesses to embrace this paradigm shift. From the smartphone we buy, to the food we order, to the in-store experience we get, businesses have quickly taken the digital route. Taking a fresh yet thoughtful approach, Four Corner Render Design, a creative content development company, has stepped up to provide the world of physical events/stores with the much-needed digital solution. The user interface and design can be adapted to deliver 360 degree views, augmented reality experiences and can also be used to deliver 360 degree virtual tours and branded experiences.

The Mumbai-based company’s goal is to enable customers to get a cinematic 3D-360 experience of the physical world through design solutions. The design solutions not only enable the client to render real designs that the eye sees and visualizes by the mind, but also provides their consumers with immersive and evocative content. It helps bring ideas to life and create comfort where there is none. It has the power to convey compelling storytelling like conventional advertising, with added benefits like involving the consumer in the brand/product journey itself. This added value can be provided by the range of products made available by the company.


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