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Seismique, an innovative and experiential art museum, recently launched in Houston, Texas. It is billed as a technology-driven “intergalactic playground” with over 40 unique “galaxies” spanning 40,000 square feet.

It is inhabited by extraterrestrial beings, and has artificial intelligence (AI), immersive experiences, gamification, projection mapping, sculptures of extraterrestrials and “dazzling displays of light, color and sound”.

Seismic is the result of Steve kopelman, Director and COO of Escape the Room, the largest escape game company in the United States. “Seismic will transport locals and visitors to an entirely new and unforeseen world of creative inspiration and artistic manifestation,” said Kopelman.

“Galaxies are designed to stimulate the imagination, increase curiosity, inspire wonder and, most importantly, provide an extreme dose of pleasure.”

Seismique also has various event spaces for meetings, events and live performances. To support the local arts community, 12 of the attraction’s 40 galleries were reserved for Houston-based artists. Seismic also offers technology-focused educational workshops for local school students with a focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math).

“We will have artists across the United States,” Kopelman told blooloop. “And we’ve set aside at least a quarter of the spaces for Texans and people in our community. I think it’s a great stepping stone to the traditional art gallery. Because most of the artists who will be involved will not have a great reputation at the moment.

“I think we are going to tie in well to the experience economy,” he added. “Especially if we let artists be artists and do their thing, and give what they feel. And we’ll add the technology and put different rotations so that people see something that they haven’t seen before.



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