Josh Goldenberg, best known as Glassface, is a digital media artist so dedicated to his craft that the music industry should be grateful to him.


He is a visual artist in the most contemporary sense of the term, drawing on a solid interdisciplinary background in graphic design, video editing, media theory and marketing strategy. As a video director, editor, VFX artist and art director, among other roles, he has carved out a distinct place for himself in an ever-changing field.

Glassface recently launched Faceworld Studios, a production/post company that extends its knowledge and uses it on a larger scale. Under this production, his most recent electronic music, “Summer’s Over”, was released on October 25. The song is a fine example of Glassface’s musical genius. Another creative artist from Los Angeles, Naeem, also collaborated on this track.

“Summer’s Over” begins with a catchy melody that suddenly disappears with the booming electronic sound, and the vocals enter the song. The song as a whole has a number of unique phases. Each phase has beautiful melodic lines improvised with the voice.

This 2 minute 27 second track seems catchy mainly for its unique musical arrangements, which keep listeners listening to the song multiple times. My favorite part of the song is the melody that comes just before the second minute.

Glassface has produced over 45 music videos for artists including Lil Yachty, whose music video “1 Night” has garnered over 100 million views and earned him an RIAA platinum plaque.

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