Kraftshala Expands Marketing Launch Programs, Adds New Digital Media Course




The new curriculum is a specialized course in content and social media

Students can only pay for the course if they get a job of Rs 4.5 lakh or more per year

Kraftshala, an ed-tech organization that develops marketing training programs, has launched a new specialization with a content and social media curriculum. The specialty of the program is that it offers the possibility for students to repay after landing a job. And if they earn less than Rs 4.5 lakh per year, they pay nothing.

Kraftshala says this initiative can be a revolutionary online education program that helps people with no previous experience to embark on high potential marketing careers with some of the world’s largest consumer companies. With a 100% placement rate, Kraftshala Marketing Launchpad students have been placed in renowned brands and agencies across India, such as John Jacobs, Toothsi, The Souled Store, Publicis and many more. .

It also states that this is the second specialization in the Marketing Launchpad program and can benefit thousands of new students looking for careers in content creation and social media management.

Kraftshala identified the need in the marketplace for talent who not only can write well, but who have an innate and in-depth understanding of content and how brands use content to drive preferences and online sales. Simultaneously, they observed untapped potential talents who had decent writing ability but are unable to secure employment due to their lack of working knowledge and experience. The course has been organized keeping in mind the opportunity that it could potentially offer to social media and content marketing aspirants, providing them with a platform to explore and pursue career opportunities while learning about them. with industry knowledge.

Varun Satia, Founder and CEO of Kraftshala, said, “Marketing in the digital age is not just about understanding data and platforms, but even more about constantly creating content that users love to consume and share. There is a global explosion of jobs for people who can create engaging and insightful content, and we hope to help Indian graduates and professionals participate in this boom and thus unleash their potential to build a wonderful career in marketing. With the launch of this program, we are moving closer to our goal of launching the careers of one million Indian students.

Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in marketing by writing articles and creating video content, social media management, influencer management, organic marketing and growth can apply to the program by taking the selection test on

Last updated on 03 Dec. 2021



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