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Innovations in typing and purchasing NFTs are permeating the evolving world of digital art, but the same cannot be said for their display. Typically, collectors and buyers are limited to showing their works online from a mobile app or web browser, unable to take them beyond the computer and into the real world. For Master & Dynamic CEO Jonathan Levine, entrepreneur Dan Merritts and Portis crypto wallet co-founder Scott Gralnick, art is meant to be seen, and as such NFTs depend on their usefulness. That’s why the trio co-founded THE GIRLFRIENDwhich produces sophisticated real-world frames that transport digital art to the walls in a way that preserves the depth and dimensions inherent in computer-based works.

Art by Tristan Eaton, courtesy of LAGO

Founded in May 2021, LAGO set out to create an advanced minted art exhibition that allows digital works to be exhibited alongside traditional works. The brand’s product of the same name – a high-resolution 33-inch square frame equipped with ambient light and motion sensors – is the only display with built-in premium sound. This combination of technologies enables the LAGO display to deliver interactive and immersive experiences specific to minted artworks that feature dynamic elements. As a multi-faceted canvas that can display pieces the owner has obtained or other collectors have made available, the frame displays art true to the artist’s vision while maintaining authentication and security .

“Days Of Dreaming” by Eric Pause from the Bryan Brinkman Collection, courtesy of LAGO

LAGO today unveils its latest version: the LAGO pass (which will be limited to 3,000 approved coin acceptors). The pass serves as an entry card to LAGO’s community of artists and digital collectors as well as its exclusive events, including arts and culture trips, private auctions, gallery openings and dinner parties. artists. Each pass holder will also receive a LAGO frame and soon LAGO X, the company’s next-generation frame.

“Our mission is to bridge the gap between the metaverse and the real world, and the LAGO Founders’ Edition framework was our first step in achieving that,” says Gralnick. “We then recognized an opportunity to improve the dynamic between Web 2.0 and Web3, which gave way to the LAGO Pass. By creating this community, we’re giving customers unique experiences that truly bring the metaverse home.

Courtesy of LAGO

Additionally, passes help potential buyers navigate the world of digital art, with access to concierge services that assist and inform about art transactions, the latest drops, and the digital marketplace. The catalog of services will be renewed and diversified each month.

For the first Founders’ Mint, LAGO worked with artists, including gmunk, BT and Ben Mauro—to mint original NFTs exclusively for pass holders. Each month, LAGO will release a commissioned work from its roster of over 100 artists alongside additional works by eight or nine emerging artists.

“In-Visible” by Kidmograph from the collection of Illestrater and the Sevens Foundation, courtesy of LAGO

The LAGO frame and pass are elevated and functional ways to enjoy NFTs. Not only does the exhibition do justice to the artwork itself, but it also bridges the gap between traditional art and digital art, the motivation that established LAGO. A LAGO Pass can be struck on their website now.

Hero image courtesy of LAGO


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