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Digital art has been around for almost as long as computers have been invented, but it’s been gaining momentum in recent years thanks to the proliferation of NFTs. Digital artists in the crypto space are finding new ways to monetize their work as new technology helps them tap into new audiences and markets without selling their work to studios or working on commissions for companies. NFTs help them take control of their art and create additional revenue streams.

If you’re an artist hoping to make a splash with NFTs, hone your digital art skills is obvious. The Premium School of Digital Art 2022 bundle can help you get started with its 100+ hours of training on character art, manga art, perspective art, and more. You can grab it on sale at 98% off for a limited time.

This bundle includes ten lessons on various digital art techniques. Classes are led by professionals, including illustrator Rich Graysonn, DAS: School of Art and Design art director Scott Harris, and comic book artist Robert Marzullo. Prepare to learn about different forms of digital art, such as anatomy art where you learn how to draw the human body, character art where you understand the concepts of lighting and coloring a traditional medium point of view, the art of comics where you’ll learn all about proportions, anatomy, combination design, foreshortening, rendering, perspective and drawing dynamic poses, and more .

In addition to developing your skills, you will also become familiar with various tools that digital artists often use for their projects. Expect to learn how to navigate software like Clip Studio Paint Pro and Procreate and get the most out of each program. With courses having ratings as high as 4.7 stars out of 5, you will get quality education.

The Premium School of Digital Art 2022 package Usually costs $2000, but you can get it on sale for $34.99.

The Premium School of Digital Art 2022 Bundle – $34.99

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