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Artistic creation is one of the most rewarding activities there is. Whether in pursuit of a career or just a hobby, art stimulates your creativity and fosters imaginative thinking. One of the most exciting mediums for creating art today is the world of digital art and animation. Many aspiring artists spend years honing their skills or thousands of dollars learning techniques. While these age-old methods are still viable, online learning has changed the way people can develop new skills.

The Digital Art & Animation Designer Learning Bundle offers students the opportunity to learn digital art and animation from leading industry professionals at a fraction of the price normally associated with art schools. Right now, the entire pack is available for just $ 14.99. The combined value of all courses in this bundle is $ 1,200 (a savings of 98%).

In this set you will find six courses totaling 185 one-to-one lessons spread over 16 hours of instruction. The set covers everything from animation in Adobe XD to 2D animation, cartoon generation, side effects and more.

Any course is only as good as its instructor, and these are taught by some of the top professionals in the animation industry, including experts like Abdullah Yildiz, a motion designer with years of experience in filmmaking. graphic design, marketing and freelance work. You will also find advice from Sean Thompson, author of several bestselling novels whose passion is to help people develop their own creativity.

Whether you are looking for a new hobby or a potential career path, you can learn all the skills you need to get started in digital art and animation with these guides. This six-course package is on sale now for $ 14.99.

Prices subject to change.

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