Leeds agency Bolser on the importance of good UX in digital design Prolific North


Leeds-based agency Bolser explains why user experience (UX) is key to shaping digital design projects – and how it works with clients such as Football Foundation, Microsoft and KFC.

“Good UX isn’t just about design, it’s deeper than that. You have to see the big picture,” Dominic Howe, director of client services at Bolser, told Prolific North on the importance of lux.

Howe, who has been with the agency for nearly 20 years, works closely with clients, examining their needs and ambitions and how the agency can work to achieve them.

“Our mission statement is based on three pillars: championing the user, innovation and digital delivery,” he explained.

As part of the user experience and design projects, he said the agency found that “championing the user and embedding digital innovation can really be applied to UX.”

Hanneka Kilburn, head of design at the agency, oversees a team of five designers who are in charge of everything from design, creative pitch, design work to the entire UX process, from the first stages to its final execution. .

“The way we see UX is that it involves the entire end-to-end digital journey, creating a product that users want to use, making it as simple, as easy and as efficient as possible.

“It’s not just about an interface, it’s about everything that goes with it. We’re looking at it offline and online, how users interact with this product, is it easy to use, what type of interactions do they make,” she said.

Examining the customer journey by “mapping the user” and finding out who they are, then walking them through the process to find out how well they interact with a product is just as important as the design, Dominic added.

“We have always been good at seeing things in nature. We’ll spend time with customers and really understand their business and how people use their digital products and services,” he said.

Whether it’s walking into a restaurant to understand how the ordering process works or determining if there are any issues or problems with customers, it’s all part of how the agency manages. strives to understand how a business operates behind the scenes and ultimately user behavior.

“We’re going into an outsider’s perspective,” he said. “That’s where we basically come back to the design team, having this new set of eyes to determine the issues that exist in the digital space.”


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