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Grana HERE a provider of financial services with numerous credit products. The name Grana HERE is suggestive, just to hear the pronunciation already thought that it must be a way to make easy money on the internet, but it has nothing to do with it. Let’s see how it works and what are the biggest advantages of Grana HERE and its online tools? The company Grana AQUI works totally online and operates in the segment of consulting and obtaining of credit and financing.

The products range from needs for real estate credit, refinancing of loans and financing of vehicles, in addition to the modality of consortium and letters of credit. The company places itself between the claimant and the lender doing the mediation in the financial institutions. Who wants to make money with this type of business, the Grana franchise HERE is available to investors, check out how to get credit line to open franchise.

Several credit companies are partners of Grana HERE , it acts as a channel that distributes financial products without necessarily being the bank or the financial offerer, that is, it is correspondent banking of financial institutions. Grana HERE aggregates all operations and services of its partners and keeps information on rates, conditions and facilities up to date.

How Grana works HERE ? Through the register available on the website and according to your need, it is possible to follow requests, monitor tariffs, deadlines and contractual advantages. The site guarantees user data security and full support for choosing the best loan option. We can even say that Grana HERE also acts like some loan comparators.

To use the service, which is free, some information is essential, among them: full name, email, CPF, additional telephone number, zip code, monthly gross income, desired values, debt (in case of refinancing), etc. Everything varies according to the modality predetermined by you.

Among the products for consultation are:


Among the products for consultation are:

1 -) Refinancing: residential property, commercial property (individual and legal) and vehicles;
2 -) Financing: real estate, letter of credit and vehicles;
3 -) Consortia: automobiles, trucks, real estate, motorcycles and services;

The “Grana AQUI – Loan, Credit and Refinance” website still offers some utilities, such as the “Interest Calculator”, through which you can enter the loan amount, the installment amount and the number of installments for you to know the Total Effective Cost (CET) of the business. You can also count on a detailed guide on how to regularize your property in Brazil.

Besides having a free service, the company allows you not to waste time comparing interest rates in person, facing bank queues in bank. The tool makes it easy to consult and make decisions with complete safety.

Tip: Know all the conditions offered before closing a loan or financing agreement such as interest rates, tariffs, actual costs, possibilities that discharge and amortization, etc. This way you can reduce the risks of the operation in disrupting your financial life throughout the plan. For more information on Grana HERE , go to: