Local creators show off their skills in Digital Media Lab — Neuse News


At the Kinston-Lenoir County Public Library, a member of the Neuse Regional Libraries, we are proud to offer our customers a state-of-the-art digital media lab equipped with professional-level equipment that can be used by our clients to create their own original content for their social media or personal use.

Over the past few months, many of our customers have discovered the powerful tools of the Digital Media Lab, including video editing/recording equipment, green screen, professional lighting, audio equipment for recording/mixing music , musical instruments and recording/mixing software. . So far, the lab has been used to create music, video, and digital art, and the lab has also been used by podcasters joining remotely recorded episodes hosted miles away. You can listen to some of the Digital Media Lab’s creations on Soundcloud via our webpage at https://www.neuselibrary.org/dml/.

One of the best things about our Digital Media Lab is that no experience is required. Our staff provides hands-on assistance with the project you are working on. As clients spend more and more time in the lab, they learn new skills that will prepare them for future digital media creation activities.

The Digital Media Lab has inspired local artists to better develop their skills and passions. Greyson Smith, who joins the Library this month as a lab specialist, has used the Digital Media Lab as a patron in the past and described the difference it has made to his creation of digital media: “For years, I tried to take my production and music to the next level. The Digital Media Lab is perfect for me. It gives me the gear I need to create my music and express myself on a whole new level that I wasn’t able to do before.

The Digital Media Lab was made possible by a grant from the Library Services and Technology Act administered by the State Library of North Carolina. To learn more about the lab, email [email protected] or call us at 252-527-7066, Ext. 134. Slots are limited, so be sure to reserve your spot well in advance of your visit.


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