Mark Schulhof reflects on the value of digital printing in fundraising


Mark Schulhof revisits an earlier discussion regarding personalized marketing and the importance of digital printing.

CHERRY HILL, NJ, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2021 / – For nearly three decades, Mark Schulhof has been at the forefront of fundraising around the world. An established entrepreneur and proud social activist, Schulhof was the CEO of a global leader in charitable fundraising from 2006 to 2019. Looking back, the fundraising expert reflects on a long-held belief surrounding the importance of digital printing in industry.

Mark Schulhof last spoke at length on the subject of digital printing in fundraising in 2017. Almost five years later, much of what he reported back then is still valid, he says. “The change in fundraising continues to happen faster than ever,” said the expert. “Each year, nonprofits and their agencies are faced with increasing complexity of communications, increased competition and ongoing budgetary challenges,” adds Schulhof.

However, some associations are doing much better than others. This is largely thanks, according to Schulhof, to one particularly important channel: data-driven direct mail. “Now largely supported by digital printing, up to three-quarters of all individual donations still come from direct mail,” he reveals.

Vital one-to-one marketing, says Mark Schulhof

Digital printing techniques now make it possible to customize virtually every aspect of any mail item. Mark Schulhof had this to say on the subject in 2017: “If time is money, digital printing is extremely precious. Installation times are faster and no plate creation or change is necessary. Depending on the complexity of your packaging, you can save several days or more. “

At the heart of one-to-one marketing, and with this approach that continues to prove vital in 2021, the field has made further progress, including in a key area. “Cost,” explains Schulhof. “In the past, cost was one of the main obstacles to the deployment of true one-to-one marketing,” adds the fundraising specialist.

However, digital printing prices continue to fall. Even in the last four or five years, the costs in this specific area of ​​printing have fallen again and again. “While cost savings remain a sticking point for many nonprofits and their agencies, the role of digital printing in the charitable sector has never been more critical,” notes Schulhof.

In 2017, the expert found that donors were rapidly developing new expectations. “They expect to be treated and recognized in a more personal way. By leveraging advanced targeting and modeling strategies, coupled with cutting-edge digital printing technology, nonprofits can achieve this level of personalization with increased efficiency and effectiveness at scale, ”he said. -he explains. .

Fast forward to today, and the fact remains. The financial impact and appreciation donors bring to nonprofits, charities and other good causes through digital printing are still relevant today, according to Mark Schulhof.

“With this, digital printing remains arguably one of the most important means of communication”, He suggests, “even before social, mobile, search, retargeting and other more obvious digital channels.”

Social activist Mark Schulhof continues to make inroads

Although Mark Schulhof has since stepped down as CEO, the entrepreneur and social activist remains on the board of the world’s leading fundraiser. As Executive Chairman, Schulhof continues to make inroads into the industry he is most passionate about.
“Both as CEO and, now, as Executive Chairman, a saying that has always resonated with me,” says Mark Schulhof, concluding, “is: ‘You can make money and do good by same time. “

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