Microcredit Program to have its own business


Bolsa Família Microcredit Program – After launching the controversial Bolsa Familia loan with so many true and false news, it still has the credit card family loan for the first half of 2018, and banks that can do but do not and say they do not know the modality , now the federal government once again creates perhaps another controversial program, the “Microcredit Bolsa Família” published and mediated by large news media.

According to the government, the mission of the new project is to stimulate entrepreneurship among the beneficiaries who participate in the program. ” The Bolsa Família microcredit program is the most project the Federal Government is committed to changing the economic status of low-income families to minimize the country’s economic problems . “

As the new federal government-led program Temer, called the Progredir plan, an attempt to promote autonomy with the finances of citizens who are enrolled by the largest assistance program to transfer financial resources from the government coffers to generate income from Brazil.

 Program – what is it?

 Program - what is it?

Bolsa Família is a program created under the PT government that is currently responsible for keeping more than 13 million families living in situations of socioeconomic vulnerability with financial resources. Each cell family that participates receives an average of R $ 178.44 to supplement the income and help the families with money for basic expenses with food, health and education and daily expenses. 


Microcredit – what is it?


Microcredit Bolsa Familia - what is it?


At the end of September, Osmar Terra current Minister of Social Development announced the launch of the Progress Plan. The initiative will have access to financial resources close to R $ 3 billion reais as a contribution so that the actions are put into practice in all regions of the country.

The Plan Progredir hopes that with this financial assistance to the beneficiaries of the Bolsa Familia, more opportunities will be created for job creation besides qualifying the scholarship holders for the business-generating market.

How does microcredit work?


The microcredit released with Bolsa Familia will work as a working capital so that the beneficiaries of the assistance program they plan to make an investment or have their own business may have the chance to get.

The Progress Plan should release cash resources to finance micro and small enterprises. But it is not only to give money, the main purpose of the plan is to carry out several actions aimed at learning, technical assistance, consulting and training in the field of entrepreneurship.

Many Brazilians have the dream of opening their own small business on a regular basis, and for this, the plan will instruct them to become Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEI).

If all goes well, the objective is to increase the income of the beneficiary, they will be entrepreneurs assisted by specialists. With this, the government expects beneficiaries of Bolsa Familia to voluntarily leave the program. However, if the business is poorly managed and does not work out, “look how cool this is,” the citizen may receive the Family Government grant from the federal government again.


How to become Microentrepreneur?


How to become Microentrepreneur?


Every Brazilian citizen can become an individual microentrepreneur. MEI is a small individual entrepreneur who maintains business legally. But for this, the interested party should fit into some of the prerequisites listed below:

  • Have up to R $ 60,000.00 annual revenue
  • Have an employee or employee with a formal contract, a maximum of
  • It only performs activities permitted by the MEI category.

To formalize a small business like MEI, there are no costs, it’s free. To have access, the citizen must enter the Internet at the address www.portaldoempreendedor.gov.br and fill in with data people the online registration.


MEI microentrepreneur’s costs


MEI microentrepreneur

In order to maintain a company as an individual microentrepreneur there are some amounts that must be paid, in principle monthly contributions must be collected and included in this is a value of R $ 46.85 from INSS and R $ 5.00 from ISS, in the case of service providers. Those who work with commerce or industry pay R $ 1.00 of tax related to the activity.


How to access microcredit?


How to access microcredit?


Everyone who is enrolled in the ” Single Register of Social Programs of the Federal Government ” can be part of this initiative, simply register on the MDS website and follow the schedule of the Progredir program actions.

When accessing the MDS portal, click the “Register” button and fill in all the requested data. Upon registration all other steps will be guided by the Progress Plan to participate in the “Bolsa Família” microcredit program. Good luck!