Movent grouped printheads provide high quality digital printing


Each group consists of four Fuji samba digital inkjet print heads. Each head has its own fully integrated mechanics, ink management and software, and each group of four heads prints one color: cyan, magenta, yellow, or black. Move UV curable inks are also part of the package. The print resolution is 1200 x 1200 dpi and the print speed is 70 m / min.

When Aptech Graphics installed its LB701 Mouvent press in early 2020, it was one of the first in the United States to commercialize this cluster technology. “This gives us a distinct advantage in terms of quality and the ability to compose it and achieve a consistent pose,” said Aptech President Mark Mader. “I waited for this technology to come out in part because I could see it would be affordable.” (A video from Mouvent says, “Get into digital printing at $ 280,000.)“ Make no mistake, ”Mader adds,“ nothing is free, but it’s a quality press with high resolution and high resolution. Excellent value. “

Customers who order labels from the new press most often include food, drink, housewares, cannabis, and craft brewers. When asked if there is an “sweet spot” in terms of the number of labels in a production run, Mader said it can vary widely. “We have managed millions for some clients and tens of thousands for others. But one thing we really love is the speed at which the press spins. We can print 100,000 labels for 16 ounce cans per day. This allowed us to go after a job that would normally be a flexo job.

The pressure sensitive roll-to-roll label substrates that Aptech prints on include both film and paper. “The inks are aggressive enough that we don’t even need to apply a varnish to protect them,” he says. “And they have a really nice shine.”

Movent says that although so far in the packaging space they have only produced label presses, more equipment is in the works. Go to to see a video animation of the Move technology.

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