New Adobe product simplifies digital design


Last month, Adobe announced the release of Creative Cloud Express, a product that aims to bring design capabilities to all creators. Suitable for the web and mobile devices, Creative Cloud Express is aimed at a wide audience, including K-12 students working on presentations, students in art and design classes, teachers and professionals. other content creators.

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“Creative Cloud Express is the start of an all-new journey to introduce first-time creators to Adobe’s creative tools while adding significant value to our current Creative Cloud subscribers,” said David Wadhwani, chief commercial officer and vice president. Adobe executive in a press release.

The app is built with tools and features from Adobe’s popular product suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro. Creative Cloud Express additionally provides templates, stock images, fonts, and graphics, giving new users a starting point and making it easier to learn design and creation. This can greatly benefit students in design courses and those doing design work in extracurricular programs, as the learning curve of new software is one of the constraints cited by educators as a barrier to creative solving. of problems.


The percentage of U.S. educators who said a lack of time to learn new tools prevented access to the knowledge and training needed to foster creative problem solving

Source: Adobe, “Creative Problem Solving in Schools,” January 2018

However, the resources available can also inspire seasoned design professionals, who can quickly create and showcase their work in a few simple steps. Creators on this platform can easily convert and export PDF files from Adobe Acrobat, making it easy to share files and designs. In a classroom, students can work on group design projects using Creative Cloud Libraries, which can store fonts, colors, and logos for a project or brand.

Schools with the Creative Cloud Single App plan or the Creative Cloud All Apps plan will find the platform in their library, ready to bring the imaginations of students and teachers to life.

“Everyone has a story to tell, and our mission is to empower everyone to express their ideas,” said Scott Belsky, chief product officer and executive vice president of Creative Cloud at Adobe.


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