Newfields seeks to commission digital media artists for The LUME


INDIANAPOLIS — Newfields is looking to appeal to Indiana-based digital media artists who are looking to showcase their work on a large scale.

Last month, LUME’s second showcase opened at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. WRTV told you about the opening of a new program at the museum that would feature the work of digital artists Hoosier inside the multi-sensory gallery.

“We want people to think about doing this (digital art) for the future because we want it to be an ongoing thing,” Jonathan Berger, Newfields’ deputy director of marketing and external affairs, told WRTV. .

“We can showcase their works on this canvas — and when I say this canvas, I mean, 30,000 square feet of projection space on which we can showcase their work,” Berger said.

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Now, we’re learning more details about the search for digital media artists to be part of Newfields’ “featurette program.”

Commissioned artists selected for the featurette program must create a 3-minute visual and audio digital media experience. The short digital art productions will be presented alongside Monet & Friends Alive at LUME.

“Featurettes are not intended to be a continuation or reflection of the main feature, but rather standalone digital works of art. Since the audience will move through the space, the artist’s featurette should function as a large-scale, multi-surface, immersive environment rather than a single-screen projection,” reads Newfields’ call for artists.

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Although the theme of the work is broad, Newfields is interested in prints, surrealism, street art and urban culture.

Impressionist art, at its origin, was ridiculed by the art world as a whole. It took years for the concept to be accepted and then admired.

Digital art is a more modern form of art that today is often ridiculed by artists from other physical disciplines, such as painters, sculptors and draftsmen.

It’s an interesting conversation to have, and Berger believes there’s a comparison to be made between the two art forms.

Bioluminescence, Andrew Thomas

Bioluminescence is a visual journey into one of nature’s most intriguing biological phenomena. The work is inspired by the beauty of nature and the artist’s extensive travels to some of the oldest rainforests in the world. This 3D animated experience is a highly detailed organic montage that moves like a fluid through space. Spatial audio moves with the visuals, creating a truly immersive synesthetic experience.

Each artist will receive $10,000 and have the chance to appear in The LUME installations around the world.

The deadline to apply is August 30. The featurettes will be displayed in The LUME throughout the next year, starting in January.

You can learn more about the application process and expectations at

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Shakkira Harris, WRTV digital reporter, can be reached at [email protected] You can follow her on Twitter, @shakkirasays.


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