NFT collectibles designed to revolutionize the world of digital art


Have you heard of NFTs? I’m sure you did because the word is being thrown around like confetti these days! But in case you haven’t, or in case you’re wondering what they are, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! The full form of NFT is a non-fungible token. An NFT is essentially the record of ownership of a unique digital object on a blockchain. This unique or “non-fungible” digital object is generally any form of digital media. It could be artwork, drawings, music or even Jack Dorsey’s very first tweet! Anything digital can be an NFT, although this technology is primarily used by digital artists to sell their digital artwork. Everyone has a lot of opinions about NFTs. Some are for, others are against. But the bottom line is, whether you love them or hate them, they’re on trend! So we’ve curated a collection of NFTs that have sold, at mind-boggling prices – from the first digital NFT home that sold for over $500,000 to an NFT that’s basically DIY instructions for making a candle – every NFT on this list will leave you with some serious questions on your mind!

1. Coral Arena

AMO New York, Charlotte Taylorr, and Nicholas Préaud collaborated to create the NFT ‘Coral Arena’. It was sold to promote the ReefLine sculpture park, which will be built off Miami Beach. In fact, a real physical sculpture of ‘Coral Arena’ will be on display at the underwater park! The NFT was published on Aorist’s NFT Marketplace, powered by Algorand.

2. You are a free solar light agent

Robert Montgomery released a series of 100 NFTs titled “You Are an Agent of Free Sunlight”. He criticizes the omnipresence of the digital world. He highlights how pervasive this world has become and how the digital space literally follows and analyzes our activities. The work is very text-based, with a strange apocalyptic feel. It was published by consulting agency New Pavilion.

3. House of Mars

Artist Krista Kim sold the world’s first NFT digital home for… $512,000! Billed as Mars House, Krista designed the house in 2020 using “Unreal Engine” software, aiming to create a space that represented her “meditative design” philosophy. The digital home was sold for 288 Ether on SuperRare, an NFT marketplace.

4. DIY Bocci Instructions

bocci literally sells DIY instructions to make 64 of his candles in the form of NFTs! The virtual kit includes the design method on how to create Bocci’s never-before-seen candle prototype. It is sold in a limited edition of 64 candles on Rarible. “We were thrilled when we realized NFTs could allow the idea to finally travel – albeit virtually,” he said. “We can’t ship you one, but if you want, you can make one yourself!” Bocci co-founder Omer Arbel said.

5. Kelly Wearstler’s Digital Home

Krista Kim’s first NFT-backed digital home (which sold for over $500,000) has been a major inspiration to many artists! American interior designer Kelly Wearstler followed suit by designing a virtual garage for LeBron James’ electric hummer. Wearstler wanted to create a “super sexy house in the desert”, where James’ hummer could be placed as a beautiful, sculptural centerpiece! She was inspired by the modernist architecture and landscape of California.

6. Adidas x Bored Ape Yacht Club, Pixel Vault PUNKS Comic & Crypto Investor gmoney

Adidas has partnered with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Pixel Vault comic book PUNKS and Crypto investor Gmoney. The collaboration was announced via a short music video featuring the avatars of the three collaborators skydiving over a huge Adidas logo. Adidas entered the world of NFT, “to see each of its inhabitants flourish. the metaverse is where anyone can express their most original ideas and be their most authentic self, in whatever form they take. and thanks to blockchain (and NFTs), these pioneers can own some of what they create.

7. Homesickness

Alexis Christodoulou sold Homesick – his nine looped and animated videos of dream landscapes that harmoniously blend artificial and natural environments! His famous Instagram renders sold for $340,000 on Nifty Gateway, an NFT marketplace.

8. The MIDI Synth

Collaborating with digital artist Lirona on his latest synth creation, Love Hultén’s latest synth is an audio-visual treat. The MIDI synthesizer, handcrafted by Hultén, is paired with a 15-inch screen that features Lirona’s digital work, titled #synthboi. Limited to 10 synths, each digital work is, in effect, an interactive NFT that buyers can own when they purchase the synthesizer.

9. Untitled_SharkRobot

Hajime Sorayama released its first limited edition NFT animation called Untitled_SharkRobot. The NFT introduces the Sorayama Shark which was the main character of Sorayama’s “Aquatic” series, which was released decades ago. The NFT comes in two variants – a 20-second one priced at $299 (making it more accessible) and a rarer 60-second one priced at $3700.

10. Morons

An Original Banksy Artwork Called ‘Boobies’ Has Been Burned and Digitized! ‘Morons’ satirizes an iconic image of Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ sold in 1987. The sale was considered a record sale, and Banksy’s artwork bears the inscription ‘I can’t believe that you morons buy this shit”. The artwork was purchased for $95,000 by Burnt Banksy Group from Taglialatella Galleries in New York, then burned during a live stream, converted to NFT and placed on SuperFarm. A literal physical work of art has been converted into a digital asset! Surprisingly much?


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