Nomanzi Furniture will be the first furniture brand to adopt digital art and NFT technology



Nomanzi partners with Kaya Collection to become the first furniture brand to embrace digital art and blockchain technology.


Nomanzi partners with Kaya Collection to become the first furniture brand to embrace digital art and blockchain technology.

Nomanzi partners with Kaya Collection to become the first furniture brand to embrace digital art and blockchain technology.

Istanbul, Turkey, September 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Fast-growing furniture and home decor brand Nomanzi partners with ‘Kaya Collection’, a highly regarded collection of physical and digital artwork to become the first furniture and home decor brand to embrace art. digital and blockchain technology.

Nomanzi Furniture and Kaya Collection, are both founded by Iranian entrepreneur, Emir Kaya, and according to the announcement, Nomanzi’s best exclusive designs will be digitized and added to Kaya Collection and some of Kaya Collection’s artwork will be the inspiration for the new Nomanzi Products.

Nomanzi is a fast growing furniture and home decor brand in the Middle East and is well known for cooperating with renowned designers in the design of its products. Nomanzi products consist of different categories such as beds, wardrobes, desks and decorative items. The use of art has always been a key element in the design of Nomanzi products in addition to the use of high quality materials and engineering, but in the furniture industry this is the first time that ‘a brand is associated with an art collection composed mainly of digital art.

The Kaya Collection is a private collection focused on modern, contemporary and digital works of art, including paintings, sculptures and collectibles. In the portfolio of Kaya Collection there are many works of art from notable and young artists such as Monir Farmanfarmaian, Sahand Hesamiyan, Korosh Ghazimorad and Parvaneh Etemadi. Recently, Kaya Collection has aggressively entered the digital art market and acquired many digital works of art using NFT technology. Kaya’s digital art collection is featured on the Kaya Collection Instagram page, and the Opensea account is updated with new acquisitions of NFT artwork since early 2021.

“Blockchain technology is no longer a new technology, but the world is still curious about its various aspects and implementations. One of the key areas where blockchain technology has already brought changes and where its impacts are visible is in art. Says Emir Kaya, founder of Kaya Collection. “Digital art is a very powerful tool with several deliverables. With the introduction of NFTs, art has taken on many new dimensions and artists are showing incredible creativity in new fields and techniques. NFTs will function as a vessel for new art forms. he keeps on.

Finding new applications for new technologies is something entrepreneurs use to create new business models, and serial entrepreneur Emir Kaya is no exception. Parallel activities in many markets such as the creation of a software company, a furniture brand, then an art collection have allowed Emir to create a synergy between them and add new values ​​to each of the company’s clients and audiences.

“Creating a synergy between Nomanzi furniture and the Kaya collection is the result of our attitude towards objects, art and the digital world in the new era. Today, the products and objects that we use in our daily life should not only be a tool for our comfort or our businesses, but they should be a source of inspiration and help us to see our world in a new way. Art is what takes us out of our complex daily life and encourages us to reflect on new dimensions of the world. As you can’t always go to art galleries, you have to surround yourself with objects that are inspired by art. On the other hand, today most of our time is spent in the digital world, and the digital world and the physical world are no longer separable. explains Emir Kaya on the reasons for the partnership between Nomanzi and Kaya Collection.

“Nomanzi Furniture and Kaya Collection are both active in different markets in addition to helping people discover new aspects of life. Through this partnership today, we can announce that for the first time in history, digital art and NFT are now part of our physical environment in our daily lives, ”he added.

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