OI Glass streamlines bottle personalization and digital printing service



The COVID-19 shutdown has forced a reassessment of inefficient workflows and older processes up and down the supply chain. A recent example is the upgrade of OI Glass Inc. to its OI: Cool and Personalized Expressions service.

A year and a half ago, when OI: Expressions started developing digital design for glass packaging, their mandate was to collaborate with all of their customers and employees within an easy-to-use multi-device platform without requiring hours of training. OI: Expressions has moved from an old paper-based system to a digital one, with the help of HYBRID Software’s flexible platform.

The CLOUDFLOW workflow, PACKZ editor and HYBRID Software integration products offer a unique set of benefits that include native PDF workflows, vendor-independent solutions based on industry standards, scalable technology and low cost of ownership. These products are used by hundreds of customers around the world in all areas of prepress and printing, including labels and packaging, folding boxes, corrugated board, large format and digital printing.

OI glass expressions

With the help of CLOUDFLOW and PACKZ from HYBRID Software, OI: Expressions creates new marketing opportunities for brands through personalization and personalization by sculpting glass bottles into multidimensional works of art, made possible by the digital printing. Brands could create this packaging at flexible volumes, industrial speeds and value for money, with an unprecedented range of color and design possibilities, compared to traditional decorating solutions. OI: Expressions Relief, a premium offering, adds personalized tactile effects, such as clear and colorful embossing.

With HYBRID PACKZ, designers focus more on design and less on repetitive tasks such as trapping, imposition and color management. With a native PDF file format workflow, decision makers can easily view a file, review it, and approve it before production.

With the new digital system, OI: Expressions can quickly create many different designs for review. They may not yet have empirical evidence of improved productivity, but their designers are dealing with an exponential increase in labor. During this time, other members of the organization can learn how a colleague completed an interesting project elsewhere. Anyone will be able to view any project, have a backup, and receive 24/7 graphic design services. Customer assistance will be global.

“Variable data is a key feature of digital printing. My goal is the people. Technology enables our employees to add value, ”says Apostolos Pratos, a global leader in digital sales and marketing transformation. “For example, we did some work sending car owners a personalized gift with their name on it. It was a small manual project. We prefer an automated system. With HYBRID CLOUDFLOW and PACKZ, designers of OI: EXPRESSIONS can focus more on design and less on repetitive things.

OI tells us that the first development work has so far taken place in France, but that an installation in North America is under consideration.



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