Oxford Pennant selects Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro for digital printing on polyester sportswear, felt banners and flags


“This facility will allow us to produce high quality parts in less time, with better quality control and more flexibility. “

Englewood, NJ – Kornit Digital, a global leader in digital textile printing technology, announced that Buffalo, NY-based Oxford Pennant is implementing the Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro system for production digital direct to garment (DTG) on demand.

Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro is the first available DTG system designed specifically for polyester and dark poly blends, extending single step efficiency, environmentally friendly production process, photorealistic imaging, quality versatility retail and low-cost printing advantages of Kornit digital printing technology to the increasingly popular sportswear and sportswear market. In addition to t-shirts and other sports equipment, Oxford Pennant will use the system to print pennants, banners and felt flags, a first among Kornit customers.

To ensure this new application would work, Kornit Systems Specialists worked with Oxford Pennant on an extensive sampling program, determining that Kornit’s proprietary Olympia ink set and the lower cure temperatures it required matched. perfectly in line with the brand’s fabric requirements.

“Until now, a significant part of our business has involved the outsourcing of production to screen printers, an arrangement that is less than ideal for a number of reasons,” said Dave Horesh, president of Oxford Pennant. “Kornit has gone to great lengths to find a digital printing solution that suits our needs, and this facility will allow us to produce high-quality parts in less time, with better quality control and more flexibility to s ” adapt and complete our range of products on the move. cheeky.”

“Through our own vision and commitment to customers, Kornit develops sustainable printing technologies that perfectly adapt to changing market needs,” said Chuck Meyo, President of Kornit Digital Americas. “When we come across a company that has a unique new challenge for their printing operations, our team will work with them to find an answer that delivers cost efficiency, meets the highest quality standards and puts them in place to achieve control. operational, build a long-standing customer relationship and capitalize on growth opportunities with reliable digital production on demand. We are proud to welcome Oxford Pennant to the Kornit family of customers.

For more information, visit Kornit Digital on www.kornit.com.


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