Printing precision: understanding the importance of color profiles in digital printing


If you need corporate-level digital printing, you’ll need a color profile. And, as an end user, it can be difficult to understand what level of detail your color profile needs to be and how to choose the printing solution to meet those needs.

But it’s important to do it. Making the wrong choices can waste time, money, and equipment trying to get your images the right color.

Host Daniel Litwin is accompanied by Patric Coldeway, Founder and President of DigiTech, as well as Mike Adams, founder and owner of Correct color, to emphasize the importance of color profiling for those with digital printing needs.

Printing technologies have changed a lot since Adams started his business in 2005.

“When I first launched Correct Color, there was no UV printer, and now it has become a big part of the market,” he said, looking back on his early days. “They print differently, so there’s a different philosophy, attitude and importance to how you profile for these types of machines. “

It’s also important to understand the nuances of digital printing and the specifications your images need. Coldeway noted that avoiding the use of light colors could save businesses an additional 20-30% in ink each year. However, Adams reinforces the need to start with the basics first.

“Printing is what you sell; the digital part is just the tools to get there. And if you don’t understand the physics of printing, I don’t care how computer geek you are – you won’t be very good at color management, ”Adams said.

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