ProPublica wins two medals in the Best of Digital Design competition — ProPublica


The Society for News Design awarded ProPublica two medals in this year’s Best of Digital Design competition. ProPublica was recognized in the Card Design and Social Media categories.

The Polluter’s Paradise toxic air project in Louisiana, in partnership with The Times-Picayune and The Advocate, received a bronze award for use of the maps. The investigative project used a scientific model developed by the Environmental Protection Agency to show that levels of exposure to harmful chemicals are set to rise dramatically in Louisiana, with a concentration of new chemical plants approved in the region. of the southeast of the state “Cancer Alley”. This analysis was presented alongside an interactive graphic by Lylla Younes, Al Shaw and Claire Perlman that included some of the most detailed maps of where the toxic chemicals are spreading, in addition to allowing residents to search for their address or their neighborhood to see how the industrial air pollution there. compares to the region as a whole.

An Instagram video by ProPublica’s Lucas Waldron and Maya Eliahou, which told the story of a 16-year-old migrant who died while in Border Patrol custody, won a bronze award for social media design. Video obtained by ProPublica showed Border Patrol held the teen in a concrete cell without proper medical attention, and Border Patrol officials did not discover his body until his cellmate alerted the guards – contradicting the Border Patrol account of his death.

Additionally, ProPublica has received 20 Society of News Design Achievement Awards. The Sacramento Bee, a partner of the ProPublica Local Reporting Network, won a silver award for the use of animation, rewarding a video created as part of a joint investigation into overcrowded and growing conditions. murders in California county jails.

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