Stinson Owl-Lite Acquires Revolutionary Digital Printing Technology



Here are some highlights of what makes the new digital TrafficJet â„¢ Pro so impressive printer:

Protective anti-graffiti coating:
Maintenance crews can simply clean up traffic signs from vandalism instead of replacing them.

Sign guarantee up to 15 years:
Replace signs less often with the industry’s longest sign warranty.

Advanced UV protection:
Make sure the colors and finishes don’t fade over time, regardless of the environment.

Improves replacement cycles:
More durable panels with longer replacement cycles reduce pressure on maintenance budgets.

Less waste, no use of VOC solvent inks and no screen cleaning required.

About Stinson Owl-Lite

Stinson Owl-Lite is a fully Canadian owned and operated business providing full road and pedestrian safety services with three locations (Concorde, Woodbridge, Gormley) in Ontario. It has long been viewed by industry players as a leader in road safety products and services. Over the past 60 years, they have provided quality traffic management solutions to municipalities, construction, industrial, private and public sectors. – Learn more about

SOURCE Stinson Owl-Lite

For further information: Brendan Hunte, Marketing Coordinator, Stinson Owl-Lite, [email protected]



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