Sustainable benefits with the digital design route



New York-headquartered interlining leader Chargeurs PCC is making its portfolio available on the open virtual marketplace Clo-Set Connect, with designers Hugo Boss already embracing the system.

Clo-Set Connect provides designers with comprehensive 3D rendering and model building capabilities, reducing the need to create and ship physical samples, avoid wasted materials, and dramatically shorten product development cycles and lead times. marketing.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed how the digitization of the end-to-end supply chain is crucial, not only to create a more sustainable fashion industry, but also to ensure business continuity in the event of disruption, ”said Audrey Petit, Managing Director of Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies. . “Clo has long been a market leader in 3D design technology and we are excited to make some of our most popular products available to all designers through its marketplace. This partnership makes the design process more efficient and sustainable, ensuring that apparel companies can easily add our products to their digital designs that detail exactly how fabrics will be draped and fitted, dramatically reducing the need for physical sampling.

“Our Clo-Set Connect is the first global community of fashion designers that combines a marketplace, portfolio management tools and networking solutions,” said Simon Kim, CEO of Clo. “As the first interlining company to offer its catalog of digital assets on our marketplace, Chargeurs is a driver of sustainable innovation.

“It’s very progressive for the creative departments of Hugo Boss to have access to Chargeurs PCC’s digital internal component products through the Clo-Set platform,” added Tobias Kalthoff, materials manager at Hugo Boss.

Additionally, Chargeurs has created The Fusion Line digital showroom, which links directly to the Clo marketplace, giving designers a quick and easy route to the products they need. Designed by the MET Studio, the virtual showroom provides an immersive digital experience for customers and showcases a product gallery of the Fusion line of performance materials for multiple categories of fashion, apparel and accessories.

“Many of our large clients are having great success with digital environments,” said Alexander McCuaig, Managing Director of MET Studio. “We’ve now created a seamless way for designers to explore products in the virtual showroom, and then immediately incorporate them into their designs. “



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