The Benefits of Digital Art Tip 2022


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Discover the benefits of digital art

Digital art is the most common way to create artwork using computers and software. As PCs and software have become more visible and portable, the world of digital art has become more accessible and the fine art produced has reached an exceptional level. I stopped short of saying that the digital art is at least better than the actual work because they are completely different, but as someone who spends over an hour round trip in downtown Chicago, I really like the ability to draw and paint efficiently. on my iPad or my PC when I’m on the train.

The benefits of digital art

Access an unlimited toolkit anywhere

Inspiration doesn’t just happen in front of a computer or a canvas. In fact, a 2012 Harvard study found that distraction is actually a key variable in creativity, which means your brainstorming is more likely to happen when you’re not in your study. However, we almost always have our phones with us.

Wherever we are, we now have an unlimited toolset of apps and services to turn raw inspiration into usable resources like color themes, shapes, brushes, and patterns. For example, apps can let designers turn any real-world object into a brush, texture, vector shape, or color that they can use in mobile apps or desktop software. It allows designers to capture creative inspiration wherever they are and design with it immediately.

stop duplicating work

While most people doodle out of boredom, designers draw as the first step in their creative process. Drawing on paper is easy and fluid, but the challenge for designers is to quickly turn it into usable work, transferring ideas from paper to digital, either by scanning and tracing, or recreating a digital version of what they have drawn.

Digital will never be a paper killer.

The advantage of drawing with mobile apps is that you can draw your mockup digitally and turn that sketch into a usable Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign file. Adobe Comp emulates the iterative process of paper and saves time by eliminating the need to recreate work from scratch on the desktop.

Activate new media

Interest in drawing on mobile devices is growing. There were over 99,000 tweets about the Apple Pencil within 24 hours of its announcement, and even CNN covered the design community’s excitement, calling it the tool to “replace sketchbooks in paper “. This emotion is not misplaced.

With the rapid development of innovative digital pens and applications and improved hardware, artists can create a new medium for digital art where natural media can be realistically simulated, including watercolors, pastels and l aesthetics of oil on canvas. all in one mobile device. .

The future of digital drawing

Incorporating mobile technology and hardware into the design and ideation stage of the creative process might sound new to some designers, but it’s not. When Wacom introduced its first pen tablet in 2005, it was initially met with skepticism. However, today we take for granted the prevalence and use of Wacom tablets for drawing. As hardware and apps continue to expand their capabilities and evolve to better mimic the paper-based experience, more designers will embrace digital as a more important part of the creative process.

As technology advances, digital will also enable new forms of expressive painting, such as the ability to paint different lighting environments or apply 3D textures to paint. Paper will never become obsolete as a medium for brainstorming, production, or publishing, but digitally starting the creative process will become an ever-faster way to capture ideas, iterate on them, and turn concepts into ready designs. for production.

Final Words: The Benefits of Digital Art

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