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TL; DR: The 2022 Premium School of Digital Art Bundle goes on sale for £ 15.46 starting October 20, saving you 98% off the list price.

If you’ve dropped out of art school in exchange for a more traditional career path, there are still ways to hone your craft. Like any other skill, art is something that takes a lot of practice and guidance to master. With the Premium School of Digital Art Bundle 2022, digital and traditional artists can enjoy art school classes they’ve never been able to take – and for much, much less.

Your instructors will be Scott Harris, illustrator, painter and art director; Rich Graysonn, freelance illustrator and designer; and Robert Marzullo, design business owner and comic book illustrator with work published in comics, on television, in commercials and more. Each class is video-based and contains step-by-step instructions on drawing or painting characters, animated characters, environments, fantasy elements and much more. There are courses specifically dedicated to using specific media, like coloring characters using Coptic markers, as well as specific digital tools, like Procreate and Clip Studio Paint. Ultimately, you will learn to let the tools go away, so that you can create the art you want without any hindrance.

Whether your end goal is to illustrate your own comic, design your own cards, make an epic movie poster, or just draw for fun, there are plenty of courses here to get you started. Best of all, you can follow them at your own pace, pausing and rewinding any lessons you could spend a little more time on. Maybe you really want to perfect the anatomy of your characters before delving into the styles, poses and expressions of the characters. The 16 hour skeleton drawing course has you covered completely, with lessons on all parts of the body including the skull, collarbone, arms, spine, pelvis, legs, and more. Take your time with each lesson before moving on to the Stylized Character Drawing class, which covers proportions, facial expressions, hair, line techniques and more.

Brush up on your drawing and painting skills with this 10-course digital art training – on sale for just £ 15.46 when you use the promo code VIP40 at the register.

Selection of colored pens

Selection of colored pens

Credit: Scott Harris

Save 98% on the School of Digital Art 2022 Premium Pack

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